Hi guys, It's a bright and awesome Wednesday here on the blog hehe. Today's interview will be of great importance to anyone trying to make it in the media industry as our woman crush  is someone who has made it in that industry and also at a relatively young age.
I'm glad I could have a chat with her and even happier that she opened up so warmly. You guys will get to know more about her story, her motivation and even funny camera moments she's had.
Our WCW is the delectable Idia Aisien!!! (I'm too excited) 

1) You are a TV presenter and a model, how did you know that this was a career path you wanted to take? 

IA: I have a lot of experience in the corporate sector, but everything I've done has always brought me back to TV and fashion--that's how I know it was meant to be. I dreamed about walking on the runway since I was 15 years old, but I didn’t think it was possible, because immediately after being signed to Beth Models I moved to the US to start uni. One day, I was at a job interview in Brooklyn, New York, when a friend called and asked me to come straight to Jovani Headquarters in Midtown. This friend had told a buyer –who was one of Jovani’s biggest retailers in Nigeria—that a girl she knows wants to model more than anything in the world, and the buyer asked her to invite me. When I met the buyer, she asked me to try on a red dress, and I hesitated, but she insisted. A talent scout also objected, because I was not a professional model. When I walked out of the changing room with that dress on, I was hired on the spot. And the rest is history. I went on to model with them for over a year, and the amount of exposure I got allowed me to book a lot of other fashion jobs concurrently.
As for television, I eventually started working for an investment bank in NYC for over a year before deciding to make a short trip to Lagos with my job. Within two weeks of being here, a TV producer approached me with an idea for a show, called You Got Issues – which caters to working through people’s career, love and relationship issues—and within a month, I was asked to start hosting Style 101. Everything was surreal to me until I got back from the Investment Bank one day (six months later) and I saw You Got Issues airing-I knew that it was destiny and I was meant to work on television. Everything.


2) What has the media journey been like so far for you?
IA: My journey has been such a blessed one, and I didn't think I'd come this far in such a short time. I don't go on roller coasters, but I imagine this is what it feels like! 

3) Please tell us about one of the lowest points in your life and how
you dealt with it?
IA: When I started out in the media two years ago, I was very open, but quickly had to realize that in this industry there are very few friends, and being in the media makes me more accessible for criticism. I've simply dealt with that by being more withdrawn from the "fluff" and by pouring my heart into my work.

4) What one motto/Philosophy do you live by?
IA: Never wait for people to help you become successful, because when you are successful everyone will want to help you.

5) Tell us some of the funniest things that have happened to you on set?
IA: I had made a blooper once and my team thought it was funny to create a meme and Krackstv-type video on it. I never recovered and I make fewer grammatical errors while presenting now (LOL)

6) What’s the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
IA: I know a girl called Nonye who literally prays for me, checks on me all the time, posts so many uplifting things about me. Sometimes I have no strength and she doesn't realize that her kindness carries me-- she is the sweetest and most selfless person I have ever met.

7) What moment would you describe as that breakthrough moment in your career?
IA: There have been too many! My Genevieve editorial that went viral, My exclusive with India Arie, my odd but interesting fashion moments.

8) What advice will you give to someone out there trying to pursue a
career in media?
IA: Just go for it, head on!! But it's always good to have a solid plan and substance, because that's the only way to stay relevant.

9) What’s on your mind this Wednesday.
IA: well, I just heard a motivational speaker say that you must "Always shift your focus from pain to purpose." Good vibes only! Anything is possible!!

You can reach Idia here:

That's it guys!
Stay inspired.

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