Does Red Lipstick make you look Older?

I loved my mum's bag when I was growing up because I swear she had everything in it.
I should do a series on that. Lol.

One of her favourite items in her bag was her red lipstick which I would watch her apply. My mum can skip anything- brows, blush, powder, but never her lipstick.
Years later, she still swears by red.

I on the other hand have had a love hate relationship with red lipstick- I love to hate it. I think it ages me and never use it directly. My Make Up artists love to use it on me though and I try not to protest too much.

Truth is from your hair to your skin to the colours you wear, there are things that can make you look older or younger depending on what you are looking for. Purple for example tends to sympolise royalty or age while pinks and florals are more girly girl.

You can get away with red though if
- it is the perfect shade for you
- it is applied and lined properly.
- it is not red. Loooooool

What do you think?
Does red lipstick age?

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