Hi guys! Happy Wednesday and Happy new month! It's funny how 2017 ends next month and I'm still working on my NEW year resolutions. Sigh. Anyway, I'm just glad because our MCM/WCW interviews on this blog always inspire me to do more and I imagine how far back I would be without them.
Have you ever heard about SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals)? If you haven't then you're definitely sleeping through life, no offence ;) but Sustainabile development goals are key in order to ensure we live in a balanced and safe environment . In light of that, let's meet our Woman Crush today -Jennifer Uchendu, founder of Susty Vibes, an online platform for all Sustainability News and trends  across Africa. Enjoy and be enlightened ;)

1)     You are into a career path that is quite rare among youths, how did you discover your passion for sustainability  development and why is it important for people to be aware of what your company, SustyVibes  is doing?

JENNIFER:I got caught up in Sustainability/Environmental protection during my undergraduate years in Covenant University. I started learning about how much damage humans had caused (and are still causing) to the planet and I wanted to be part of the people working to reduce this damage.

Sustainability is about doing the right thing, we live in a world where wrong things seem normal for everyone, from environmental pollution to corruption and unethical business practices to even human rights violation. At every turn, people and the Environment suffer from our insatiable want for money and disregard for life support systems. I believe we need to start rethinking the status quo and doing things right, the Climate for one is changing and for us in Nigeria, we don’t even have anywhere to run to. The work we do at SustyVibes to increase awareness on sustainability issues is critical to the times we live in because no economy can thrive in a decaying Environment.

2)   What’s it like running a business at such a young age?

JENNIFER:I am 25, I don't think I'm that young, though in an environment like Nigeria - entrepreneurship is tough and even way older people face the similar challenges, It has been a journey of learning and unlearning especially in a sector as peculiar as Sustainability. I have been fortunate to have good mentors and colleagues who are truly passionate about Sustainable Development - they help solve complex problems and inspire me to put in my best.

3)     You recently won the SME100  25 under 25 award for energy and sustainability , how did that make you feel and what does it signify for the brand you're trying to build?

JENNIFER:Though I'm not very big on awards as I don’t think they are yardsticks for measuring success , the SME 100 platform was very significant for me, I had no idea I was nominated until few days to the announcements and I still got to win. It showed me that SustyVibes is making an impact and that people are observing and getting inspiration to live responsibly. Which is why I started SustyVibes in the first place,  to see that the objective is being achieved makes me so proud.

4) What keeps you moving when things aren’t going so well?

JENNIFER:Being a spiritual person, I draw strength by reading God's word and promises over my life. I also get encouraged by our volunteers; SustyVibers - seeing the work they do without supervision is just inspiring, SustyVibes was created to be a platform and when people start taking advantage of the platform to do big things for the Environment, I can't help but get really excited and motivated to do more.

5)     Asides work, what’ s your favorite thing to do for fun?   

JENNIFER: Recently, I enjoy posing in front of cameras, I have been famzing photographers a lot these days. Its so beautiful, the images they create after.

6)     One thing many people don’t know about you.

JENNIFER: A lot of people are not aware that I wanted to be a Gynaecologist before now, stemming from a passion for women development and inclusion - I was so obsessed with the specialization, I had several books on medicine and women's reproductive health. This informed my passion for ecofeminism and I’m glad I get to work with women through our just launched Foundation - Her Dreams Are Valid.

7)     Share with us any UNPOPULAR belief that you have.

  JENNIFER:Jesus is a feminist. I wrote about it here -

8)     Please tell us one thing you’ll love to have achieved before the age of 40?

JENNIFER:Ah, I have a lot planned, but on a personal level - I want to be a counselor; I really love listening to people's problems and finding solutions. If I'm able to  find time to do this voluntarily  I'll be really proud,

9)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

I am thinking of what Seafood lovers like me would do by 2050 if we do not globally take steps to combat pollution. Research says we'll have more plastic than Fish in our oceans by 2050. I'm very worried about this.

Stay Inspired!

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