#SkincareSaturday Working on a Routine that works!

It does not matter when you start a skincare regimen, sooner or later you will have to find some kind of routine based on all the products out there and also your skin needs.

As i have mentioned before, i have dry skin (and i'm learning how to deal with it daily. Read this to see how!). What works for me might be counter productive for someone with oily skin and vice versa. Also, what i need in the morning or day time, varies from my night time needs and i of course tend to have more time in the evenings and weekends for my skin, than in the mornings.

What helps me is a skincare routine. Having a routine helps simplify your life, and gets the best out of your products. Your skin will thank you. I kicked off my routine based on my thoughts above and here are some quick tips that might help you in creating your own routine.

DETERMINE your time and schedule.
When do you have more time? What is the number of minutes or hours you can dedicate to skin care daily, weekly, weekends and generally?

SEPARATE products into day time and night time.
Most products have these written on them. Some are twice a day, others morning and a few night only.
Once you have determined which is which, arrange these products on the dresser (and where possible, in the order of use).

DECIDE what is so important it must be daily, and which ones can be done once in a while.

I hope you find these steps helpful, and i will be happy to s.h.a.r.e my own routine with you.

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