#ManCrushMonday We chat with Banky W on his birthday

Today, Monday March 27th, is singer, writer and ladies man, Banky W's birthday so of course we had to make him our first Man Crush for this new segment on the blog.

We kept it short and simple, finding out how he stays in shape, what influences his fashion choices, and hey, if, him being all passionate and all, he would ever run for office!

Grab a snack and enjoy!

Tosyn's Blog: What is your philosophy when it comes to health and fitness in terms of keeping fit;
Are there particular routines you follow to help you keep fit?

BANKY W: My philosophy is that I believe in total wellness, if that's what it's called. I believe in working to improve yourself in all areas... career wise, spiritually, mentally, personally and of course physically. That's where the fitness comes in. It's all about making decisions diet-and-exercise-wise that will help to ensure you live a long, healthy life. I work out with my fitness coach, Uzi of #UziBurnOut, 3 times a week. I also play football twice a week with my friends in Empire Football Club, and once in a blue moon, I try to swim. 

TB. What is your process when narrowing down your fashion choices for casual and events fashion choices; Would you rather have an outfit designed or shop already made designs?

BW: I tend to just wear what I feel comfortable in AND what best expresses my mood at that particular time. In terms of ready-made or tailored, I do a bit of both. All my suits are made by Mai Atafo. All my traditional wear is made by either Deco or Magnum Stitches. Everything else, I buy in any random mall. 

TB. Would you ever consider going into politics;
Is there any particular public office you would like to occupy in the future?

BW: I used to say I'd never go into politics because I saw myself more as one of the people who are meant to influence the policy makers and the generations of people, as opposed to BEING a policy maker myself. However, I've since come to understand and believe the saying "the punishment for not being involved in politics is to be governed by fools". So these days, I'll say that I can never say never. I don't have plans to be in politics at the moment, but who knows what the future will hold? 

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