#TravelThursday: 5 places where the sun never sets!

In Nigeria, we have fairly normal daylight and nighttime conditions, so when it is between 6 pm and 7 pm, the sun sets and the day starts to grow dark, right?

Now imagine a place, where it is daylight for 24 hours, a place where the sun never sets! Where you actually need to check the time, to know when to call it a night and go to bed.

For some, it is strange at first, so strange that they find it difficult falling asleep, because the normal conditions of darkness are not there. Yet, there are people who are used to the sun shining bright at 11pm! Where? Here are 5 places where this happens:


Norway is popularly called the land of the midnight sun. This is because for about 76hours between late May and late July, the sun remains high in the sky for about 20 hours every day.

To sleep, you will probably need heavy curtains to shut out the sunlight, or you might find yourself tossing and turning all night, if you are not used to it. Research says that this happens because of Norway's high altitude, so the period of refracted sunlight is longer.


In parts of Finland, they have daylight for 24 hours on some days.  No sunset, just the sun shining all day and all night.

And then on the other hand they experience no sunlight for some days during the winters. Just darkness all day and all night. Talk about extremes!


In Sweden, for up to six months in the year there is constant sunshine all day and then on other days the sun sets at about midnight and rises at 4am! I think Sweden should be called the sunlit country.


Like Norway, the sun does not set in Alaska, from late May to late July and sets in the summer around 12.30am. This is partly because Alaska is just south of the Arctic Circle.

The Icelandic football team was one of my favorites during the Euro 2016 tournament and apart from being a beautiful country with peace loving people, the sun never fully sets in Iceland during winter, constant sunlight all day long! It sets for about 3 hours during the summer from 12 am - 3 am.

Knowing how it can be hard for some people to sleep when there is light, i sure am glad i live where the sun sets!

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