#EventWednesday Palmwine and other local events...

My weekend was, as the cool kids say, 'lit'.

There was Falana, Bono, a wedding and palmwine. But not necessarily in that order.

On sunday I went for the 'Palmwine and Other Local Drinks' exhibition.

You know how you are curious and then decide to do a documentary and exhibition based on that curiousity? O wait. That's almost none of us! Apart from Mode of 'Studio of Mode' though.

She got curious about local drinks in Nigeria and off she went to do a documentary on it, speaking with the people who make (and enjoy) it, and then an exhibition to further s.h.a.r.e that experience.
It was a two day exhibition and was quite illuminating for me. Yes I knew about Kunu, Palmwine and Ogogoro, but I had never given more thought to perhaps how they are tapped / made and the types.
The exhibition took us on that journey, from kunu ( which can be made from various ingredients including tiger nuts, maize and millet ), to palmwine (complete with things used to tap the wine, how palm kernel is used for several other things and the two ways of tapping), to raffia wine, ogogoro and burukutu.

We were able to taste most of these things including the destructive and non destructive palmwine (former destroys the tree in process but is safer while latter is better for the tree but more dangerous), the tiger nuts and kunu, the burukutu and ogogoro. I saw a few people leaving the exhibition a lot 'happier' than when they came in.

It was also nice to not just hear about these things but also see some of the materials used in the process, like a bicycle like I mentioned before, cutlass, ropes and a canoe. There were also some videos of interviews with the tappers and sellers.
It was interesting to enjoy a drink but also enjoy learning about how it got there and why.
For more information, check out
The other things that happened to me last weekend were no less interesting. Infact, weekends are like airports. Empty and boring some times, and then other times, so full and busy you can barely catch a breath!

I saw the artiste, Falana, live at #FalanaUnconvered pop up concert held at Alara, had dinner at Nok, met Bono (bonoooooooooooooooo) at ONE Nigeria's campaign cocktail, and celebrated with Kunbi of April by Kunbi at her glamorous wedding!


See more pictures from my long weekend below!

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