10 pictures that perfectly capture Rio Olympics 2016

Rio2016 is officially over and medals have been won and lost. Memories last though especially through pictures and based on the pictures below,perhaps there should be medals for photographers too!

These pictures perfectly capture the spirit of the Olympics, from funny, to emotional and sometimes downright jaw-dropping moments.

First the really funny ones:

Classic David and Goliath picture. 

Ragan Smith is a US gymnast and DeAndre Jordan a basketball star.

Smith is 4ft 6ins while Jordan is 6ft 11ins. Hilarious combo! But at least they are BOTH in the picture!

At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the Tonga flag bearer Pita Nikolas Aufatofua had the ladies drooling when he stepped up out leading the Tonga team. Bare chested and oiled up, this picture went viral.

Now this one i dont know how to categorise. See why.

Rio 2016: Shaunae Miller dives for gold

This picture is a classic portrayal of doing everything to win, as long as it is legal. 

Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas on the left hand side dove over the finish line to win the gold medal in the Women's 400m Final ahead of silver medalist Allyson Felix of the United States.

Allyson Felix was stunned when Miller dove because she already thought she had won. Miller on the other hand said it was not planned, more of an instinct.

Now let's look at some emotional pictures from Rio

Rio 2016: Novak Djokovic in tears after first round loss

One of the best tennis players in the world is Serbia's Novak Djokovic and he surely did not expect to lose to Juan Martin Del Potro.

He did and left the court in tears as the crowd applauded one of the best players in the game.

Rio 2016: Majlinda Kelmendi wins Kosovo's first ever gold medal
Kosovo's Majlinda Kelmendi was in tears after receiving the gold medal for winning the judo -52kg competition. Why? 

Well when you make history as your country's first ever Olympic champion, it sure would move you to tears.

Rio 2016: The North and South Korea selfie
This might look like just any other selfie, but this particular one went viral, because we have two people Lee Eun-Ju of South Korea on the right and Hong Un Jong of North Korea taking a selfie together. 

Two individuals who did not let the war between their countries affect their humanity.
This was such a powerful moment that I'm keeping the picture!

And as for the moments that caused our jaws to drop?

Rio 2016: Track cyclist takes evasive action

Riding on the barriers is not yet an Olympics sport, but Laurine van Riessen of the Netherlands was forced to do it, to avoid colliding with Virginie Cueff of France. Talk about riding skills.

This is definitely not one you want to try at home. Double Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock pulled himself up into the air above Sugarloaf mountain from his hotel balcony.

Rio 2016: Long Qingquan breaks the world record and lifts three times his own body weight
Another awesome moment was when Chinese weightlifter Long Qingquan, broke the world record with a total of 307kg, thereby lifting three times his own body weight.  He also won gold. Of course.

                                        Rio 2016: Usain Bolt smiles as he wins the 100m

This photo of Usain Bolt smiling as he outpaced everyone on the field was captured by Cameron Spoencer. We all knew Bolt was fast, but please who makes out time to smile, while everyone else is gritting teeth. Bolt is truly the greatest.

Summer Olympics 2020, we await!

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