#TravelThursday: Top 5 weirdest tourist attractions in the world

Tourist attractions are one of the major reasons people travel. The need to see something different, something weird, something new, drives millions into planes to remote locations every year.

Apart from the really beautiful sights we can see when we travel to tourist attractions, there are also really weird ones. Check out this list based compiled by Cntraveler. Here we go:

New Zealand's Steepest Street
You know how some streets can slope gradually when you walk down, this street, the Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand is in the Guinness book of records as been the steepest of them all.

It is 1,150 meters long and has a 19-degree slope, it would be near impossible to drive up this street, and walking up it would be a form of exercise.

Nebraska’s Carhenge

If you are a student of history, then no doubt you would have heard of Stonehenge, a group of really large stones arranged in a circular form, no one is sure who built it till now.

Somewhere in Nebraska, an artist named Jim Reinders decided to do something similar in memory of his father, using cars arranged in a circle. The cars are their original sizes, models painted gray. A site you might not forget.

China’s upside down house

Have you ever felt like your life was upside down? Well, if you get to to the China Folk Painting Village in Fengjing Ancient Town, just south of Shanghai, China, you might see what it would really feel like to have your life upside down.

In the upside down house, the furniture and everything else is arranged in a way that appears to defy gravity. Imagine standing on your ceiling.
South Africa’s Big pineapple

In South Africa’s Eastern Cape, there is a pineapple industry. Yet, the most weird thing is the 55-foot-high fiberglass pineapple.

Imagine a three story building high pineapple. After checking out the 360-degree view, you can also watch a film about the area’s agriculture and how pineapple is processed.

Thailand’s Hell Garden

Let us assume, you want to know what Hell looks like, well you can learn a lot in Thailand’s Hell garden.

The Wang Saen Suk’s “hell garden” shows you, in disturbing detail, what to expect in Hell, with life-size statutes. Many will come back from a visit to the garden as saints.

So which would you like to visit first?

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