#MondayMotivation Work Work Work Work Why?

(Do not read this post without Rihanna's 'Work' mentally nearby).

So I know this is the generation of 'hustiling'. Everyone is working hard, main job and side hustle or running their own business, people glorying in not sleeping and we generally just running ourselves down!

Look, I applied for my first job in secondary school so believe me when I say, working is part survival and part fulfilling something on the inside. We work because we have to, because we want to, and a lot of times, we work because we can.

On the flip side is the damage we may be doing to ourselves. Stress, high blood pressure etc, and that silent voice that speaks up when we are 'chilling' to say "so you are now relaxing ba? You better go and work? I'm sure so and so isn't resting at the moment".
So we work some more.

I believe in working hard but working smart. I try to make every decision targeted and specific.

It's awesome to (in Rihanna's voice everybody) work work work work work. It is also awesome to know the four w's of work.

What is this for? Is it a step in the right direction purpose wise? What does it bring me? Salary? Contentment? Expression?

You need to the 'what' of what you do!

Who am I doing this for? Who am I going to be if I do this? Who benefits from this? Who is really calling the shots?

Where is this taking me to? Where will I get to if I get on the path?

And for perhaps the most important reason of all-

Why am I doing this? Is it for ME or to satisfy someone or something? 

Be sure that when you say yes to an 'opportunity' or an offer, whether made by someone or from within you, you can actually answer these questions.

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