Tosyn's Guide to enjoying the 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are upon us but it really does feel more like doom and gloom right? From the Rio Village being criticised, to the Nigerian tournament being treated shabbily but for those of us who crave our dose of Olympics, here is my quick guide to enjoying the Olympics!


This is a must watch. If you do not watch the opening ceremony, you have missed out on a huge slice. This year's opening ceremony is set to be great (Amen!). Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and more will be a part of the program.


We all have our preferences, but i am pretty sure football is first on this list, seeing that Nigeria is participating this year. So after football, what other sports are best?

I love the 'throws'- javelin, shortput etc, and the 'jumps'- long and high jump. Swimming is also interesting, and of course, what would we do without our races and gymnastics?


So as always this year's Olympics is star-studded. Neymar of Brazil, Mikel of Nigeria, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, Djokovic for tennis lovers, Blessing Okagbare for track and field, Nigeria's Segun Toriola for table tennis too.

Rio is set to blaze with stars.

There you have it, my quick guide to enjoying the Olympics. And of course, don't forget to renew your subscription. Also shout out to Facebook and Google; Facebook Live will show the games and Facebook lets you change your profile picture while Google has this amazing tab open for those who want to keep up with the Olympics on mobile, complete with schedules, medal table, fixtures, etc.

Let's go Rio 2016!

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