Paul Pogba: What is all the fuss about

So the name Pogba, has been trending everywhere, for close to a week now. All the sport news channels are talking about him, Adidas made a video for him and err, i keep snapchatting and yelling "Pogbaaaaaa".

Some people are confused, like, what is this fuss really about?Every club is buys players; why is this one fuss-worthy?

Let me help.


You know how we all like to talk about people breaking world records? Well, Paul Pogba just broke one.

Yes, he was signed to Man United for a world-record fee of £89m. Yes, people, 89 million! That alone, is going to be talked about for a really long time.


Why do people call him Pogback?

Let me explain that nickname: He started his career at Man United in 2009, but left in 2012, after some problems with the club management. Now, 4 years later Pogba is back, REUnited... Pogback.


As a player, Paul Pogba on his good days, is unstoppable. He has the height the style, and the stature to give the opposing team a scare.

Many football analysts are already saying he will add the fear factor to the Man United team.

So as the new season begins, the anticipation builds.

Will he be worth the world-record transfer fee? Will he be the rejected stone that returns to become the cornerstone? Will Man United regret reuniting?

All these are questions that will be answered as the season unfolds. 


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