#Lifestyle My Sunday out at Damesh Clinic

*things are happening*

Lol. That's my best conspiratorial voice as I bring to you how Lagos is fast becoming like 'amrica' (America for those of you that don't speak whatever language that is).
So I got the e-invite for the opening of a beauty clinic. For some reason, I thought I'd be getting a day of make up or spa consultations till I got the physical invite and saw it was a clinic and some of their services include getting rid of frown lines and helping with nose contouring.


Well yes! Now you can get under your eyes filled or your nose contoured right here in Lagos. There was a live demonstration of one of the procedures ( I missed the 'before' because I was late but caught the 'after. She said she was happy with the result).

There was also a bit of chit chat with some of the other guests present like Moriam Musa and Tewa Onasanya of Exqusitie Magazine.

We had debates as to what age we thought beauty procedures should start at (someone said 18, another said 40) and also safety concerns.

Either way, I find it fascinating though.

Would you ever undergo cosmetic surgery? Why or Why not?

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