#Trending Toddler Saves Brother From Being Crushed

I saw this video and i had to s.h.a.r.e it with you guys!
Brock and Bowdy were playing in their room when one tried to get into the drawer and guess what? It fell on him!

Watch as the little boy contemplates what to do as his brother suffers, and then he finally rescues him!

The kids' father s.h.a.r.ed the video himself and said while he was hesitant to s.h.a.r.e it at first, he thought it was important to show that furniture like wardrobes etc have to be nailed to the wall to prevent such injuries. 

Mr Shoff, of Orem, Utah, said he and his wife were upstairs and did not hear Brock crying when the chest of drawers fell on top of him.
He told KCPQ TV that when his wife went back into the room and saw the furniture on the floor, they did not realise what had happened because the boys were fine and only realised when they watched the video.

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