#Media s.h.a.r.e and Intern with me!!!

Hi all,

I get a lot of people telling me all the time that they would like to intern with Top Radio 90.9, or with me and I feel helpless a lot because I can't take on everyone. Infact, when it comes to interning with Top Radio 90.9, i'm not in charge of that.

I did however have a 'bad-ish' experience late last year and a convo with a friend, Zainab Azeez, which further inspired me to try this.

Throughout this year, I will be taking on interns. Please note, these interns are NOT for Top Radio 90.9 nor Pulse Nigeria.

Some of these intern spots are paid internships, others unpaid. Some short term (weeks) while others will be long. Some internship spots could lead to offers and ALL come with commission.

If you want to intern with me any time this year, all you need to do is send me an email C/O Olumide via 'sharedazzle@yahoo.com' with the following in the BODY of the mail

1. Your Name
2. The Position you are interning for, eg, Radio Producer, Writer,
3. THREE skills you currently HAVE that will help you on the job
4. THREE skills you currently HAVE that will be an added advantage
5. THREE skills / things you want to learn during this period
6. What you currently do
7. What duration do you want to intern for
8. Do you want a PAID internship ONLY or you can do UNPAID.
9. Anything else you would like to add.

Only Emails that follow this guideline will be treated.

We will try to respond to everyone but if you do not hear from us in good time you may resend.
Thank you.

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