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I remember how on the 27th of December 2016 i woke up feeling ill. I felt so bad and weak physically that i did not run my radio show till the end and i went straight to the hospital.

You know when you do not feel well it can feel like the end of the world for you but everything else will continue as usual. Well, even the doctor at the hospital i went to acted like there was nothing wrong with me, which oddly, suddenly made me feel better.
But before i talk about that, let me talk about this hospital.

I had gone to this hospital once or twice for different complaints. I have been treated with courtesy every time and generally like going there. That morning though, i walked in and there was noone at the reception. I had to knock on random doors till i found someone to attend to me. Even after that though, the doctor barely sat down to consult with me, letting me know he had to go upstairs to 'join them in surgery'.
He took my blood, said they would run tests and let me know. Took my number down and even though i asked a million times when to come back for the results, he only said, "We will call you".

He did not call.
Noone called.
I went home, ate, had paracetamol, slept all through till i felt better, checked my phone a couple of times and went to sleep for the night. Now remember when i said the doctor acted casually about my health? I think it helped. If a medical officer does not consider what you have to be life threatening, then you feel better psychologically. Authority is a powerful thing.

Anyhoo, next day, i finish the show and go back to the hospital thinking they forgot but now i can have a decent consultation.
No such joy.


I was like, "ahf/jgojgorjhg"
I mean!

What if it was something serious even if it did not present as serious?
I was so sad and upset and thought to myself, that is how people die from seemingly minor illnesses and diseases here though. We slowly get worse and die in the waiting room, or with a nonchalant doctor, or a lab that forgot to run tests on our blood...

No it is not easy running a business in Nigeria but healthcare should be handled with extra care, right?

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