#Beauty How to go make-up free like Alicia Keys

I have been watching Alicia Keys for the last couple of months and her bravery in choosing to be bare faced in a world of 'face beats' is admirable.

While we may not all go make up free for life like her, truth is, there are times our faces need a break from make up. The skin needs it!!!

So if you do want to go a day without make up but might run into people or take pictures, what can you do?

1. Let your skin glow.
Sometimes when I look at Alicia, I am like, "it's not your fault o, with this your skin that is glowing".
Great skin is always an asset whether or not you wear make up so cleanse, exfoliate and mosturise to give your skin that extra shine.
2. Buns
There is something putting your hair in a bun does for your face. In some ways, it is an automatic facelift so when you go make up free, put your hair in a bun (with or without a few tendrils out at the sides) and watch the compliments come!
3. Scarves and bows
Another thing to do if you are going make up free is to use scarves and other hair accessories. Scarves especially, have a way of flattering the face. I love how Alicia usually has something wrapped on her hair, even for awards.

And this one isn't official but fake it!
Get your eyebrows in shape, put on some lightly coloured lip gloss or add a dash of foundation to your face cream and going make up free becomes a bit bearable.
Got any tips or tricks of yours?

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