#MondayMotivation "Maybe the problem is your phone"

Yesterday i was at an event and asked my friends to help take pictures of me. First friend tried, i did not like the picture. Then the second friend, and then the third. Still, no picture seemed good enough. Whether it was the light or that it came out blurry, something was always off. Another friend then said, "Well then maybe the issue is with your phone then not the people taking the pictures!"

How true is this for life?
We blame our parents, our country, our family, the government, the noisy neighbours, the lecturer in school, everyone but ourselves, when things go wrong. Sadly, till we do accept the part we played in the way things are for us, we may never heal or move on.

You cannot change everything around you- the light, the focus, or time- but you can change how you see things, and what you do. Before blaming everything and everyone else in sight, fix your own thinking or issues and then look at the problems again. You may find the picture becomes clearer.

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