#TravelThursday Beware the slump

Travelling is fun but always beware the slump.

That's when you come back and everything just feels 'bleh'.

The holiday helped you forget but now you are back to school / work / search and same ol' same ol' routines.

So how to beat the slump?

1. Come back early.
I find that the difference between when i come back the day my leave ends and a little while before is clear. They both suck (who wants to ever come home from a holiday) but the latter sucks less.

2. Ease into it
When you come back and immediately meet and try to deal with a heavy work load, you run the risk of physical and emotional trauma. Take things slow, especially for the first few days!

3. Bring your trip with you
Souvenirs and other memories from your trip will help keep you 'there' while you are here. Be it something as simple as a seashell or something as big as local art, anything that reminds you of your trip helps beat the slump.

Believe me, i'm taking my own advice!

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