#TVBuzz 'Our Best Friend's Wedding is feel good tv... and i love it!

Last night i could not sleep so instead of watching television like i normally do, i decided to follow the link to 'Our Best Friend's Wedding' which airs on Red Tv online.

A guy, Charles, fears that his mother has cancer and because all she wants from him is a grandchild, he decides he needs to get married. He then calls on his two female best friends (played by Oreka Godis and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi) to help him find the one.

I went for the premiere of the new series and watched the first two episodes but i stopped watching. Not because it was a bad series, but because i wanted to binge watch it instead. That wait a week thing would not have been great for my heart jare.

Giving dem 'smizing' at the premiere!

At the premiere with Toyosi Phillips and Koye

So i finally got to watch the full season and i really like the show. Caveat- most of the people involved with this series are my friends. Gbemi? Friend. Oreka? Friend. Illrymz? Friend. Tula? Friend. Lydia? Friend. B... You see where i am going with this right?

See, when you watch or listen to something your family or friends have done (like my cousin's cover of 'O Holy Night' and this one), you are very afraid. What. If. It. Sucks. And. I. Absolutely. Hate. It. But. I. Cannot. Tell. Them. Because. That. Would. Ruin. Our...
I would go on but typing like that gets tedious.

Boy am i glad it did not suck!
Phew! Relief!

So let's try this from the good, and could be better because there was no bad nor ugly.
The 'Could Be Betters'? The acting by one or two of the supporting cast. 
Then, I saw some people in the comments mention that it was predictable. Truth is, once you have girls and guys together, someone is going to, as we say, 'catch feelings'; whether those feelings were always there or developed over time so of course we knew that! Right?

So now, the writers just have to try really really hard to take a detour we could never have guessed. 

And the good?
See they had me at car running over Illrymz in Episode 1. Lol.
I also live for Oreka's style! Like! I am about to watch that show again just to note everything she wore and wear it too.

I loved Gbemi's scenes because that's Gbemi. See when she was holding Oreka's phone and Oreka was trying to jump to get it from her? GBEMI DOES THAT TO ME!!! That's how she teases, that is how she talks. Some roles you are born to play.
And of course, there is the music. 
They just went ahead and got all the great songs by Nigerian artistes that are not necessarily popular but fit the scenes and mood perfectly. Something 'Before 30' did as well by the way.

I really like this show and i think it has so much potential that i really really pray it gets picked up for a second season. Plus, i am with the people asking for it to be turned into a movie. 

Remember when i said there was no bad. No o. There were two bad things. Very bad. Infact, terrible!


Fix it people! Fix it!

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