#StyleTo Life is a beach... Style It!

How is it going with you this lovely Wednesday afternoon?
I am just here, chilling with Wendy Williams and eating a doughnut.
Or five.
(Word i'm going to get fat!)

So today i wanted to look at beach style.
I don't mind going to the beach. Infact, i think it is one of the best ways of healing your mind, catching up with friends and a book and just being serene.
And i am all about my serenity! Yes please!

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I think the beach is one of the easiest things to style for. Unless you are off for a video or photoshoot, fun fun and sand are key words and what's best for that?
My favourite thing to rock... SHORTS!
So grab your shorts or short skirt and remember to work with cotton and other light fabric because sand WILL get everywhere and wear you out!
Now they say black people don't swim but for the longest time i have known my friends and family to love the beach and safe waves. Emphasis on safe. No i will not be randomly surfing (even if it is on my bucket list), but i will stand by the water and let it come all the way to my ankles if i please.
And i usually please!

That is where the shorts come in. If you do plan to swim, whether in the sea or the pool (most beach houses have pools as well), throw on a bikini or suit under your clothes.

I tend to pair my shorts with teeshirts but chiffon dresses like the type in my pictures here are also a great addition. They cover up all that needs covering but still give room for movement. 
Shoes to wear give me a headache as most of my shoes are either flats that will 'eat' sand, or some not-water-friendly fabric. Luckily, my friend Preye gave me these sandals in my picture and i love them! Easy to walk in and safe for the beach.

To finish, throw on your best beach hat and protect your eyes with fabulous shades.
Good to go!

P.S, if you can get a handsome instagram husband to go with, even better!

I love this man! Lol
Mission: Take a million pictures before frolicking in the sand and messing things up!

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