#MondayMotivation That conversation with Lamide Akintobi about purpose

This weekend i was blessed to spend time with my favourite ladies! I think i am so blessed to have friends who work in the same industry as i do but are not just colleagues or acquaintances but actually friends. Apart from personal stuff, we can also help one another get through professional hiccups.
So i love it.

With Lamide Akintobi and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi... 

While kicking back and doing as we usually do- talking about everything, i randomly mentioned a tweet i had seen about two weeks ago that has left me a bit destabilised.

Someone on twitter had mentioned something along the lines of as the world gets more technologically advanced, a lot of jobs will be done by robots or will become redundant and so when human beings no longer have to work or no longer have jobs, how would we function?
I mean think about it. From birth to death, we seem to be conditioned to wake up (in the morning), go to school or work, close, have an hour of two of leisure, eat (healthy) during the day and then get home to sleep (at night).

It's like we have no choice in it. Right from primary school, it's wake up at 6 (or 5), and the routine only gets tougher and more solidified as you get older.
I mean, come on! What if you don't like getting up before 12pm (lazy they call you)
Or you don't want to eat thrice a day (unhealthy they say)
Or you like to work at night (unusual they taunt).

But think about what this twitter user has said. Think about if when you woke up, there was no need to go to school or work because a robot was doing the teaching or your job for you. Think about if you were getting paid without a traditional 9 to 5. HOW would you define yourself?

We tend to look to things like our jobs or degrees or some kind of status for purpose but is your purpose really, "to get an A1 in Maths"? Is it really, 'to be the best chiropractor in the land"? What if one day you get a B minus or no longer practise chiropractor?

And that is where my smart friend, Lamide comes in.

My friend Lamide is a pretty smart chick!
Lamide said to us, "i think your purpose is fulfilled through the things you do".
The key.

Imagine the chiropractor i mentioned before. What if her purpose is 'to heal'? Her job helps fulfill her purpose, but that's not all. She can fulfill it in so many different ways.
Or maybe like i believe one of mine is, your purpose is to make people happy. I get to do that through my career (radio, this blog, television, youtube and more), but i also have to learn to fulfill it in my personal life too.
Which means whether you are a cleaner, a musician, a banker or a scientist, you should fulfill your purpose through the job itself, through your interactions with people, your social media account, whatever means you have.

Your purpose is not what you do, it is WHY you do it and things that come to you are things you can fulfill your purpose through.

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