#MCM Which OBFW character would Illrymz date in real life? We have the scoop!

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I am sitting here while i watch the weather trying to decide if it wants to be really sunny or cool.

It's Monday so it's time to stalk, sorry, check in, on some of my favourite people ever. Today i want Illrymz to sit down and answer some questions.

Ill (as i like to call him) is, according to Wikipedia, " a Nigerian television host, radio personality, writer, producer, Event MC, artiste and former model. He is the Creator of the sensational daily Instagram news show #SELFIENEWS and CEO of Contagious Collective, A creative media content company that has produced hit syndicated radio shows such as: Radio Outloud with Nokia & ILL, The JUMIA WHAT AM I? Radio Show, Nunu Super Kids, and 0809ja_Radio, To name a few. Popularly known as the #GQmc, Illie's Television Credits include; The Host of Nigerian Idol, Co-Host of StarGist, Soundcity, and Nigezie. 'In 2016 he became the host of the Coke Studio Radio Hour produced out of Los Angeles USA. 'Nigerian Idol"

Na wa o!

Only him?

Ill also plays 'Charles', which by the way was his acting debut, on 'Our Best Friend's Wedding, Read my review of the show here.

TOSYN BUCKNOR: It's Monday and i know there are a lot of people that dislike Mondays. Do you?
ILLRYMZ: I Don't dislike Mondays! I don't dislike any day I make money! Lol 

TB: Lol, i feel you!
I have just watched the most recent 'selfie news' show which is honestly just laugh out loud funny. When did you think of it and where do you see it going in years to come?
ILL:  I created #SelfieNews on holiday last year, because we live in the social media age and I had to be more active on social. But I don't want to post cars and watches and money like everyone else. I want my posts to stay true to my brand. I'm an entertainer so I want people to follow me and get entertained. It's been great so far and I'm looking at #SelfieNews becoming a mobile service and fully functional website for news content. 

TB:  In 'Our Best Friend's Wedding', your character starts going through his black book to find 'the one'. First off, do YOU feel any pressure to, like him, get married and secondly, which of the exes or best friend in the series would you fall for in real life?

ILL: Lol I'm in no rush to get married in real life. I've got a lot to achieve still, but who knows... anything can happen. Hmmm what ex or best friend from the show could I fall in love with in real life? Ahh that's hard cos they are my friends in real life. Tooo awkward 😂😂

TB: (this is where i throw in a 'hian' and roll my eyes). Okay fine, let's talk advice. Who has given you the best advice ever and what did they say?
ILL: The best advice i ever got was from Jesus! Asides that, uhm my Parents... 
My mum said, " believe in yourself you are destined for greatness" and my dad said "money isn't everything".  I didn't understand this advice when I was younger, but now it's a little clearer. 

TB: What's one thing people don't know about you?
ILL: One thing about me people don't realize is that I'm a super shy guy! It's hard to believe but it's the truth. A lot of people perceive my private nature for arrogance. They can't be further from the truth. 

TB: I think i can see that. I may suffer from the same issue. Lol. Anyways Ill, thanks a lot for taking time out to chat with us!
ILL: Thanks for the interview! Let me be your MCM every week lol promise I'm going to the gym 😂

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