#ManCrushMonday Could Timi Dakolo ever make Fuji music?

Could he?
Would he?

Find out below

TOSYN BUCKNOR: "Hi Timi! I am excited that you are our Man Crush this week! I also like the new song, 'Medicine' a lot. I bet you listen to a lot of different genres but which genre would people be surprised you listen to?

TIMI DAKOLO: I think people might be surprised that i listen to fuji music!

(Are you surprised?)

TB: Your kids are beautiful and i love how you and Busola (his wife) spend time with them. Tell me, is raising a girl different from raising a boy?

TIMI DAKOLO: Yes i think so. I think with the male child, you have to be extra firm to teach him the responsibility that comes with being a male child.

TB: You always seem to be so happy and playful but have you ever dealt with depression?

TD: I have never been depressed; i am just a happy child!

And so he is!

His song, 'Medicine' is out now!

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