#TBDaily x #MondayMotivation Am i?

It does not matter what you do, one day you will wake up and say (pardon my French), "fukc it, I'm going back to bed".
We all struggle and search for relevance. And get sad or unfufilled when we don't think we are being so.
Someone sent me a message (see image) and I just had to save it! Not because I feel this way now, but I may. One day. And I'd need it to read, right?

If you are feeling in a rut and maybe a little irrelevant today, understand that everyone and everything matters. Find the reason for the job and the bigger picture and you'll be relevant.
One thing to do when that 'what am I doing here' question comes up in relation to work is to ask yourself, "Does my work..."
- help people?
- make people smile?
- make people look beautiful?
- help people feel beautiful?
- solve a problem?
- give people dignity?
- help me, my family, my nation, my friends?
If your job does at least one of these things, then believe me, you are relevant!

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