#TBDaily x What I Am Loving at the Moment: Love you Pass, BMPro and more!

Hey friendlies,
Welcome to this edition of "What I Am Loving At The Moment".
Today i am loving some music, skincare and  beauty products and a tv show about little people!

While i have been bumping a lot of cool songs on the radio and  in the car, one song that has stood out for me is- "Love You Pass' from the 'Stories that Touch" album by Falz featuring Bez.

Falz has a nicely themed album and works with different artistes to achieve that. This is one of his tributes to love and the world of alternative Nigerian music so who else but Bez?

Dope hook so please check it out from the album available on itunes now!

I found an Orisade flier when i went for Locitude's Loc Appreciation Day earlier this year and i had been meaning to get some of the products like their body butter and more. I finally got complimentary soap and body butter and i have to say the soap is amazing.
You know how you wash your face with mosturizing soaps and keep rinsing because your mind feels it is still soapy but it is just the mosturising effect?
That is how i feel about 'Orisade Avocado and Aloe Vera Soap'.

It also strips your face of the day's make up and dirt so more props for it. The body butter has that powerful shea butter smell so it is taking me some getting used to but it gives your skin a natural glow.
Orisade uses natural products for their skincare brand so more props for them.

When i went for a make up trial recently with Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPro and while i waited, i browsed through some of their make up products.

After the trial, i asked for one of the lipsticks they used and powder and their lipstick is giving me life. It is the 'Matte  Velvet Lipstick' and is perfect for days you have to do your make up yourself but still want that pop!

You know me i am all about the pop!
I love the shade and how long it lasts.

What do you get when you put a group of women together? Usually a lot of talk, some conflict, work and relationship ups and downs and more, and that is what Little Women LA brings in spades. Add to it that the cast of this show are largely, little people.

p.s, if you have been saying 'dwarfs' or 'midgets', you have been politically incorrect so please start saying 'little people'.

Back to my current favourite ladies on reality television!
These ladies are fun, feisty, and like the average woman, have their pow-wow days and their bleh moments, Add to that some health concerns and peculiarities and it makes for one hour of pure tv goodness!

If you don't watch it yet, please catch new episodes on Lifetime now!

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