#TBDaily x Harmattan Survival Pack- Tosyn Style!

Harmattan is here like the first day of the year!
It is though. The fog, the smell, the dry skin and more.

So how do i cope with harmattan?

- A lot of oil.
Dry skin and hair are a girl's worst enemy so i stay oiled up!

What Helps
- Orisade Body Butter with Shea Butter
- Baby Oil

- Staying hydrated
I drink it all. Water, Coffee, Tea. I have to admit i might take one or two things not recommended by the doctor as well but i find that staying well hydrated, especially with water, keeps you healthier and more active.

- Get out of the cold!
Some people claim you need to shower with cold water first thing in the morning Err... no thank you. I recommend warm water though not hot water because it makes it harder for your body to adjust to the cold. Also please wear natural warm clothing and have 'robb' handy!


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