#WorldTeachersDay: My favourite Teachers...My Favourite subjects

Yesterday was #WorldTeachersDay, and teachers were celebrated all over the world.

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It got me thinking about all the teachers, lecturers and course advisers i have had the privilege of meeting and it is no coincidence that some of my favourite subjects were taught by some of the teachers that had the biggest impact in my life- positively that is. There was that teacher who gave me twenty one strokes of the cain and no, we ain't celebrating her thank you.

My History teacher in Queens' College was a really good teacher; i liked how she taught and her knowledge of the subject.
I got some of my best scores in history.

In university, i fell in love with Intellectual Property, because i of course love the arts, but also because our lecturer was the best lecturer ever. Everything came to life when he taught and it was always a discussion not someone urging you to cram notes.

Same for Criminal Law, Law of Evidence and Family Law.

If you asked me who had the most impact in my life though, it was definitely my Literature in English teacher. One time she came to class and asked us to pick up her chairs and we went to the garden for our lesson! How awesome is that.
It wasn't just that though.

To be honest, teaching is not the easiest job. Students hate and sometimes make fun of you, you have to think of policies and rules to guide you, and your salary sucks. So thank you to those who do it, and do it well. Those who made us believe we could, and because of them, we can!

What teacher had the biggest impact on you? Share with me in the comment box.

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