#TravelThursday When a foodie travels...

I love food. One of my dream jobs is to work somewhere where eating (possibly while travelling) is involved.
I eat anything and everything and will try most things at least once. Thankfully, i also have no allergies so there is no need to worry about dairy or other problems.

So i eat. And when i travel, o what joy it is. I am always amused to see people who look out for foods they would normally eat at home when they travel. I mean, i can understand that if you live in another country (LIVE),you will of course crave things from home but when you are there for holiday or a brief work stay, why not enjoy the cuisine there?

That is my first tip or thought- always try out what is indigenous to where you are staying everytime you travel. It will amaze you what you enjoy eating, and you could possibly bring that back with you. For example, i once had whole boiled okro when i went to Dubai and since then, i have seen okro in a new light; as a snack or part or even something enjoyed on its' own  and not just the usual 'swallow' and 'soup' way. I also developed a taste for 'white soup' when i went to Port Harcourt and order it regularly when i can.

Be curious. When you order these meals, find out what it is and how it is cooked.

Note however that not everything you eat will be wonderful. Infact, some may never be your cup of tea (sometimes literally) so please be careful when trying out new things and ensure you eat a lot of what you do know and trust as well. Anything that could potentially make you ill, awaken your allergies or give you the runs should be noted.

Take pictures! What?! This is the instagram generation. We document our food and where we enjoyed it. Just make sure you do not ruin meal times by taking pictures excessively. I advise one quick picture when the food comes and maybe an 'after' picture when you are done. These can be posted individually or with a grid. But please do not snapchat your meal time... at least, not unless you are making money from it.

What is the best food you have ever had from a country or state you do not live in?

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