#MondayMotivation Three Ways NOT to respond to people in a crisis!

When i was in school, my friend locked her keys in her car. I walked by with another friend of mine (what we call a 'toaster'. lol). After five minutes with my friend, i knew i wasn't going to be able to date this guy. Why? He broke all the rules of what to do or say in a crisis.

So my friend had locked her keys in the car right, right? What does toaster say? "You locked your keys in the car?"
My friend, trying not to say 'duh' replies, "Yes"

Then, "and you do not have the spare here?" (toaster again)
Even i wanted to hit him at this point. If she had the spare keys would she be on the road at school looking around helplessly and trying to resolve the situation?
I mean!

Look, people will always be in stressful situations and when that happens, please avoid saying or doing the following-

* STATING the obvious
When people are stressed or in trouble, they do not need you stating the obvious. Things like, "you are late", "you locked your keys in abi" are inviting a less than polite response. If you can't help, don't harm!

* ASKING Questions or Acting like you can help
IF you know you can't.

When someone is in need of help they are desperate. Don't use them for your own five minutes of bored fun by asking them questions about the issue when you know you can't help. That is time they could have been looking for someone who could actually help and you just succeeded in stressing them further.
WHat are you? A monster?

* BEING Logical
Okay Okay I know logic always seems like a good idea, but not when it serves no purpose other than yours.

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