#Style One Outfit Three Ways

For today's 'one three ways' feature, i am talking about my #unitedcoloursofbenetton top.

Getting a top that can be styled in different ways and with multiple colours is always a great idea. You can wear it for years and make it look different each time.

My first instinct with this top as shown in Picture 1 and 4, is to accessorise with contrasts to make it even brighter. The secret is to tone down in other areas.

AND, you may not be able to see it properly here, in picture 1, i actually wore the top the wrong way (on purpose o) with the front to the back.

As for the middle pictures, i went with navy blue / a shade of purple because while not as bright, they still give a good contrast.

As always, i love my hats or scarves.

I'm still going to try this with black. I think that will be pretty cool too.

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