#4pmInLagos A night spent 'Saving Milli'

So yesterday was fun.
And interesting.
And fun.
When Milli hollered at me and said he wanted to play tracks off his album, me I was like "yay".
I love first listens and just being able to feel the music away from the radio sometimes.
It was a Saturday night and Lagos might have been buzzing with a million events but there was only one place I wanted to be.
It was at M's place and the first thing I noticed was the 'trophy cabinet'. M.I has had a massive career hasn't he? 

How many trophies can you count?

Then I saw Pizza and I was like yay. Don't get me wrong, I was there for Milli, but a little food never hurt noone.

It was a small listening session with some of your radio favourites.
I'm talking Buki, Schullz, Do2un, Initama, Mannie, SenseiUche, Douglas, and of course, moi.
Milli played cuts from his EP "Childish" and we teased him a bit about "Childish" and "Save Milli". Summary? The boy thinks he needs saving... From himself. And he's childish.
So let's see.

Milli shyly plays the next track

Milli sounds fresh and has a really good voice. On tracks like "In pursuit of happyness", you can feel his truth and honesty. A lot of the earlier tracks he played were slow/mid-tempo and my first thought was, "he's going to have to be patient".
Patient because his material is good but also not mainstream here.
He does have some mainstream songs though, like "Iphone", "Cooling with my Youngings" and "Unlooking".
"Unlooking" was an instant hit with us so I definitely vote that as a single.
I recommend Milli as 'one to watch'.
I like him, think his heart is in the right place, has talent in droves and a sound waiting to be owned.
Also a quick shout out to his producers, especially CK who produced "Unlooking" and from the CBN album, "Third Mainland Bridge".
Methinks CON.tra.diction has to work with him!

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