#Unbroken2017 Tackling Love and Marriage questions with HICC at Harvesters Single & Married Conference | Sept. 26th- Oct. 1st

My friend hollered at me concerning this Harvesters' Singles Summit and we spoke about how her mum had once told her to marry the man who loves her more than the man she loves. Trust, i had a million questions like,
- How do you know who loves who more in a relationship?
- Can you really marry someone you are not crazy about?

We spoke for a bit then i of course took it to social media to get some more perspective. The answers were interesting. One person said you know who loves whom more based on action; i.e, the person that SHOWS it more. But another commented that that would not work in her situation for example because she is naturally withdrawn so you may think she doesn't feel certain things but she does.

The argument is still going on so you can join on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, what started the WHOLE convo was this event.

Date: Tuesday, September 26th- Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

Time: 6 pmVenue: Church Hall, Harvesters International Christian Center. (Gbagada and Lekki).

The Harvesters International Christian Center (Gbagada and Lekki) will be leading hard/soft conversations about taboo & mainstream topics in marriage, single life and the occasional #YorubaDemons; and you are invited to lend your voice to the conversations. The planned breakout sessions have been designed to be as no holds barred and engaging as possible.

This conference is for anyone who is married, single, divorced , dating or somewhere in-between. Be sure to register and to invite a couple of friends along!

The speakers include Taiwo Odukoya, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Femi Oduwole and more!

You can register here

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