#Skincare 3 cool ways to drink water without actually drinking water...

By now you know that staying hydrated is good for you. It not only helps you internally, but it is also great for your skin.

If you are like my sister and i though, you probably HATE drinking water. Let us be honest, for most of us, water is one of the most tasteless things out there. It is easier to reach out for a soda ('soft drink') than it is to get that recommended daily dose of water in.

Is there anything you can do to cheat?
I have 3 for you!

- Healthy fluids
A lot of things are actually made with water right? You can reach out for green tea, freshly squeezed juices, and other types of healthy alternatives.

- Infusions
These days, people go around with water bottles containing water and infusions like fruits or spices. I like doing lemon or lime in my water in the mornings as it gives the water a little oomph and makes it less boring. Add some mint or orange slices and you will have something tasty to enjoy.

- Water based foods
One of my favourite fruits ever is the watermelon. It is such a great way to enjoy yourself and the good thing is it is healthy as well. You can try things like cucumbers, salad greens, melons and grapefruits as well.

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