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#TVGirl Three Things I love about Quantico... and Two things they need to watch out for!

Get your wine and your favourite snack because it is tv season again!
And as #TVGirl, i am here to let you know what's good, what's hot and more.

So some shows like "Empire" are back for a second season and that's exciting already, but then there are some new shows like "Quantico" (drama from executive producers Josh Safran and Mark Gordon which explores the lives of young FBI recruits; each with a secret).begging for love. Guess what Quantico? with that first episode, there is no reason to beg. I am ready for you, and here is why!

+ Aunjaune Ellis

I first stumbled on this lady on 'The Mentalist' where she played Patrick Jane's boss.
She is beautiful, she is sassy and she is talented. I saw her again on 'Book of Negroes' and see that she was also in 'The Maid' so it's been a long time coming but yes! Seeing her rocking that hair and speaking like a boss made me sit up!


+ Grey's Anatomy and Rookie Blue are back!

#Hairsyn Getting your Hair into a Bun

When my hair was short, all i wanted was for it to be long. Then when my hair got long, i felt like there were no styles to work with.
My default style is the quick pack and go but whenever i sit with a professional, they would work magic on the hair and i just wanted to do the same!

Now you might have seen my previous hair tutorial on a style you can do in under ten minutes and if you haven't, here is the link.

10 min braid for natural hair
Back to my buns!
Hair packed in a bun is just so chic that it transforms every look. I had been trying but i never succeeded... until now.
First, thank you to Love Layefa and Sisi Yemmie for their up do challenge; it inspired me.

Sisi Yemmie and Love Layefa's Hair Up Do challenge
I'm going to make a youtube video soon (fingers crossed) but till then, what have i learnt.
* Brush your hair real well before your up-do or packing so that it stays in place and looks neat for longer. 
* Apply pressure. Sorry o, but up-dos will hurt. For the f…

#FashionCinderella A week of blues...and black

My themed week challenge continues. By the way, I set this challenge up for myself and have no clue when it will end.
I still have to try 'traditional outfits', skirts, sporty chic and more as a lot of you have suggested but this week felt random.
Till I noticed a pattern in my randomness- I was wearing a lot of blue and black.
Now blue and black are usually both dark colours, although there are different shades of blue like sky blue that are very bright. One usually doesn't reach for blue after black and vice versa, but as my week shows, it's actually a fun combination.
Check these out.
My Tips
We tend to think of blue in terms of anything else but jeans but hey, guess the simplest way to style your black top? With a pair of jeans!!!
The shade of blue is important. A very dark shade turns the look into a black outfit while a light shade gives a little pop. Either works, but remember my favourite tip- accessorise right.
Since black is neutral, you…

Usher got married again. And not to Chilli, again

Usher is off the market. Again.

He probably is one artiste i have had a consistent crush on. Right from 'You Remind Me' till 'My Baby just cares for me'. We grow old together.
Then he dated Chilli and honestly, i was fine with it. Chilli is a fine woman, And was relatable.

But it didn't work out. They say maybe he might have cheated.

Usher why?

They broke up but somehow i thought they would get back together.
Until he married someone not her.

That didn't work out, and i completely missed the fact that he had apparently been dating his manager since 2009!

And now, he got married. Again.
But not to Chilli. Again.

Reports say he got married to

Here is wishing the couple peace, love and amala!

OAP 101 Episode 5 What to do when you make a Mistake!

Hi everyone! Welcome to another five minute, OAP 101 podcast ride!
The latest episode of the podcast is titled ‘What To Do When You Make a Mistake’. 
In this informative episode, i coach on what to do when one makes a mistake, especially since mistakes are inevitable. Some of my tips include acknowledging, apologising and moving on. I also break these tips down, and emphasize on how important it is to not dwell on mistakes  so as not to affect the totality of your show.
Follow @Tosynbucknor and @TosynOntheAir on social media to keep a tab on my activities.

#FashionCinderella A week of cartoons

That should read 'cartoon tees' actually. I mean, what do you do when some of your favourite tees have cartoon and other characters on them?
I'll tell you what! These are my tips
* Toughen up!
Rock your cartoon t shirt with leather, with boots, with anything that makes it feel modern and tough. You'll love it!
* Be cute
Look, cartoon tees are cute so why are trying to be anything else but? Cute hair-styles, a 'Hello Kitty' button or hair pin here and there or even a skirt will make you cute. Don't over-do it though!
* Throw a Jacket on
I just keep extolling the virtue of jackets because they really are the "superman" of outfits. A jacket will transform your cartoon tee into a nice everydayy look, paired with jeans and heels (for work) or flats (for casual stuff).
Cartoon tees tend to be casual though so remember that.
Here's what else I rocked

The MTV Europe Music Awards are here! Here's who i think should win what

Did you guys see the MTV Europe Music Awards nominations list yet? I have to talk about it on my radio show so i checked it out and of course, some categories had me like, "this will be fun". The year of the Taylor continues; she has nine nominations people! And while he has had more controversial moments than music moments, Justin is still getting nods for his music. He was nominated in Best Pop for example.

Okay o.

I am going to try not to say anything when i get to that Best African Act category because i love Yemi Alade. Lol. So here goes!
BEST SONG Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do” Major Lazer & DJ Snake featuring MØ – “Lean On”  Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk!”
Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”
Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth – “See You Again”
* For sentimental reasons, you know Wiz and Charlie should win for 'See you Again'. BUT, we may just see 'Lean On' running with it!

5 Seconds of Summer��������…

Bringing Mary Poppins back? I don't know how i feel about that!!!

Part '2's are bad enough (did you ever watch Dirty Dancing or Grease 2?) but reboots can be a dodgy thing. While books like 'Cinderella' and 'Snow Whit' get reboots quite often (all claiming to have a new take on the story), reboots of 'classics' are usually not a good idea.

A movie like 'Grease' for example which was cleaned up and re-released still does well with its original story and cast. I watched 'Sounds of Music' with the original cast two weeks ago and was fine with it. So why is Disney trying to remake 'Mary Poppins'?

According to 'Variety', Mary Poppins will be remade with Rob Marshall set to direct. The story takes place in London twenty years after the original.

I know i sometimes wonder what happened to the 'Von Trapps' after they got on that hill, and wonder what 'Baby' did when she left that resort so maybe seeing Mary Poppins twenty years later won't be a bad idea.

But why?

#SkincareSaturday I've been washing my face wrong....

I had an illuminating facial over the weekend courtesy Spa Royale and learnt one amusing fact- I've been washing my face all wrong!!!

It started with a simple question from Omoh, the spa CEO about what I clean my make up off with. I told her excitedly that I use baby wipes expecting a pat on the back. She seemed shock. But she did say that's at least not as bad as using some chemical products. She mentioned that she first washes her face for about two minutes using a face wash...
Hol up Two minutes? If you are like me, you spend more time on your body than your face in the bath. You probably rub, rinse and leave? Two minutes? You have to rub that soap in and massage for two minutes? Who Has Time For That?

Well now I do because I kid you not, I washed my face for ONE minute (you can't walk if you don't crawl) last night and got more make up off that I usually would have in the past. Apart from getting more (if not all the dirt) off, washing your face for longer me…

#SkincareSaturday: Egg Yolk Mask

Hi, I'm at it again, trying things and staring in the mirror.

Remember when I washed my hair with cocacola?

What happens when you wash your hair with Coke?

 And don't forget that time I had lemon water every day for a week?

Is Lemon Water good for your body?

Even slept with onions on my feet. Yup. The things I do.

Yesterday I saw something about egg yolks and the face so a light bulb went off in my head and this morning I did a quick face scrub. But first, what does the internet say about egg yolk? Well for one, they say it locks moisture into your skin cells and is great for people with dry skin. It helps to moisturise and protects.
Okay o.

You can make egg yolk masks with avocado, honey, bananas, olive oil etc but please ensure you read up on each ingredient and combination before going ahead.

I used one egg (used the yolk and the white though), some sea salt and my favourite face soap and mixed together. I thought I would hate the smell or having it on my face but it honestl…

#PinkFootball My highlights from Man U .v. Liverpool

Let me start by conceding this truth- Benteke's goal was goal of the game.
But he's not a red devil so, moving on.My first highlight is Daley Blind. Not just his goal nor his save but the sum of all. When a player scores, plays and even keeps, then he deserves Man of the Match.Martial (not Marshall dear Nigerians) is of course, a big highlight. I mean, they buy you, the press slays you, you come in as a substitute to applause, then you dribble three grown men like #IzNoring and score a goal. On your frigging debut!I love how he celebrated with the fans first then gave Young (who passed to him) a bear hug.Erm, anyone else think he looks like dude from 'Everybody Hates Chris'?And my final highlight is United's first goal which came from a free kick that had obviously been practised in training and created by Van Gaal. It involved a bit of deception, some blocking (Schweinsteiger) and then a blinding kick. There you have it. My highlights from Man Utd .v. Liverpool.Wh…

An Evening with Disney!

I am feeling a bit like a mum who has kids and never wants to say which one is her favourite. But if you threatened to take away all Disney music i would have to say the Disney experience was one of the best at the #OnlyTheBest content showcase in Mauritius.

Basically, Disney Africa welcomed 90 journalists from across Africa to their first ever showcase to media from the continent, at this year’s Multichoice Africa Content Showcase Extravaganza. It started on Thursday 3 September when we received a Disney Movie ticket which gained us entry to the special outdoor screening, set under the stars on the lawns of the idyllic Outrigger Beach Resort in Mauritius.

First we got our own Disney picnic basket and blankets, full of delicious treats and filling food, then we made our way to the seating area, replete with comfortable chairs and loungers. Once the Disney fans were settled, the vast outdoor screen lit up and the evening’s festivities were well under way.

A welcome speech by Deirdre Ki…

Meeting the hot Gecko brothers from 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

The #OnlyTheBest Content Showcase was a working holiday which meant i worked, but i also holidayed. Lol. One of the perks of being there was meeting the hot 'brothers' from the television version of iconic movie, "From Dusk till Dawn".

D.J Cotrona (the cute one) and Zane Holtz (the eyes-that-pierce-into-your-soul-one) were at the MNET Africa showcase and also special guests at Vuzu AMP's anniversary party. Plus, i wasn't stalking them i promise, but they also did a bit of chilling by the seaside and i just happened to catch them again.

Honestly, the Multichoice Content Showcase Extravaganza reached fever pitch when the stars of From Dusk Till Dawn: the series arrived at a press junket held at The Plantation Club in Mauritius. D.J and Zane s.h.a.r.ed the thrills of working on the show as the Gecko brothers, roles played by George Clooney and Quinton Tarantino in the movie. 

Cotrona had high praise for actors and directors from the continent who have gained global…

Vuzu AMP turns 1 and celebrates with 'Power' and more!

My current favourite channel, Vuzu Amp, threw an anniversary party like no other in Mauritius at the #OnlyTheBest Content Showcase.

First they had Dj Spinall and Dj Neptune playing the freshest and the most memorable jams, then they had Sauti Sol, Diamond and Patoranking performing. It was, 'lit'.
More 'lit' was the fact that DSv’s premier youth brand will be turning up the heat on content across Africa. The channel has recently acquired a number of leading crime, action and comedy series to keep viewers entertained, securing major deals with leading studios like: HBO, Starz, NBC, Disney and ABC.  'Power', a crime drama with 50 Cent and Naturi Naughton kicks off October 31st while 'Survivor’s Remorse' is now on. Survivor’s Remorse follows Cam Calloway, a basketball wonder in his early 20s who is suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a multi-million dollar contract with a professional basketball team in Atlanta.Cam, and an unforgettable group of …

Get your aprons out! Food Network programme highlights! Whoop

Like cooking? Always trying something new in the kitchen? Why not check out some of these exciting shows to learn, laugh and cook up a storm!
Food Network delivers a fresh approach to food programming and celebrates everything that is bold, fun and entertaining about the genre. It is not your typical ‘how to’ cooking channel. Food Network continues to be one of the fastest growing lifestyle and entertainment brands, packed with award-winning cooking, celebrity chefs and competition shows.
DStv Premium and Compact Plus subscribers can access the Food Network offering on DStv Channel 175. The is the 24/7 companion to the TV Channel where you can find daily TV listings, view chef biographies, recipes and more. From September to December 2015, here’s what’s on the channel lineup:

Dinner at Tiffani’s
Premieres: Friday 11th September at 20:00

Tiffani Thiessen invites her celebrity friends over for good company, great stories and delicious food. With guests like Ja…

Holidays are becoming Happee thanks to Turner and DSTV!

Pop Up channels are becoming quite a thing on DSTV and now, MultiChoice Africa and Turner Broadcasting will make African television history with a first African pop-up children’s channel! The channel called ‘Hoolee’ will  be up from December 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016 on DStv Premium.

“Imagine laughing, sharing surprising adventures and celebrating the summer holidays with your children every day. This is what the pop-up channel has in store for the whole family” says MultiChoice Africa CEO, Tim Jacobs.
(I can imagine, after Turner Time at the #OnlyTheBest content showcase which basically turned us into kids again).

Of course, Turner already has two children's channels on DSTV- Boomerang and Cartoon Network, but now subscribers will enjoy Hoolee with it's ground breaking eight week long programming, built around a selection of the very best shows from Turner and Warner Brothers productions, as well as premieres of the latest and the best.

With a large volume of 100 hours pro…

Fashion Cinderella: A Week of Dresses

If i had a kobo for everytime someone stared when i wear a dress, i would have a condo in Lekki by now. I wear jeans and shorts and jeans so much that Tosyn in a dress is like Christmas.

But, i dug up some of my favourite dresses and rocked them this week. Mostly short (because, legs), but also long, mostly with flats (because, comfort) but one day with wedges but mainly ladylike.

So if you are new to this 'dress life', what are some things to focus on?
My Tips:
Comfort, Style, Fit, and You! Comfort is the little things like if you can breathe and walk in these dresses people. Of course, if you are going to work, it would be nice to breathe,  If you are going to a party, breathing is optional!
For style, that is a given, Whether simple or complicated, your dress should be stylish, Watch out for dresses with unusual cuts or patterns to separate you from everyone else wearing a dress
Your dress should fit you. Like a glove if it is a date, or at least, like you own it and the ta…

#OAP101 Episode 4 Schedule and Create your Content

Hello lovelies! I have this week's edition of 'OAP 101 Podcast' ready and this week, have i got tips for you! Get tips on 'Scheduling and Creating Content' for your radio, television and other shows. I give you practical tips, lace it with examples and a lot of giggling. Lol. Please check it out and then let me know if you have questions or comments.

Day 3 of Mauritius... O look at them toned legs!

By Day 3 of being at the Outrigger Resort for the Multichoice Africa content showcase, I had noticed something odd- I had muscles.

Okay let me clarify. Of course I have muscles, we all do. But I could actually feel them. Specifically my legs. And that's because we were doing a lot of walking, running, clapping, standing and more, on a beach.

Not going to complain though, toned abs, arms and legs are every girl's dream.

Of all the roundtables so far, the Zee World was one that had me smiling a bit sheepishly. I mean, for someone who overdosed on 'Ghazab', 'Sholay, 'Maad' and more, sitting in a room with a panel that could bring that and more to my room (via the tv silly) made me happy. I almost burst into song. In attendance were the CEO of Zee Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (Harish Gyal), the Business Head CAT2 Zee Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (Ratna Siriah) and Linda Oliphant, the Marketing Manager, Zee World Africa.

Do you know the cooking shows on …