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#EventWednesday Palmwine and other local events...

My weekend was, as the cool kids say, 'lit'.
There was Falana, Bono, a wedding and palmwine. But not necessarily in that order.
On sunday I went for the 'Palmwine and Other Local Drinks' exhibition.
You know how you are curious and then decide to do a documentary and exhibition based on that curiousity? O wait. That's almost none of us! Apart from Mode of 'Studio of Mode' though.
She got curious about local drinks in Nigeria and off she went to do a documentary on it, speaking with the people who make (and enjoy) it, and then an exhibition to further s.h.a.r.e that experience. It was a two day exhibition and was quite illuminating for me. Yes I knew about Kunu, Palmwine and Ogogoro, but I had never given more thought to perhaps how they are tapped / made and the types. The exhibition took us on that journey, from kunu ( which can be made from various ingredients including tiger nuts, maize and millet ), to palmwine (complete with things used to tap the win…



So you know I love music right? Especially when it is #FreshandAlternative? Plus I see a lot of people asking how to get airplay!

I can't play it all but we sure will try with #TosynPlayMySongNa

Here is how it works
- Put up a video on instagram of you singing YOUR OWN SONG accappella or with a guitar / piano ONLY. - CC @tosynbucknor @tosynontheair using the hashtag #TosynPlayMySongNa

We will repost our favourites daily, play three favourites on my radio show weekly, interview a few of you here, and at the end of the month, one lucky person will not only get airplay and gifts but also N50000 cash.

All the best!

#MondayMotivation Work Work Work Work Why?

(Do not read this post without Rihanna's 'Work' mentally nearby).So I know this is the generation of 'hustiling'. Everyone is working hard, main job and side hustle or running their own business, people glorying in not sleeping and we generally just running ourselves down!Look, I applied for my first job in secondary school so believe me when I say, working is part survival and part fulfilling something on the inside. We work because we have to, because we want to, and a lot of times, we work because we can.BUT!
On the flip side is the damage we may be doing to ourselves. Stress, high blood pressure etc, and that silent voice that speaks up when we are 'chilling' to say "so you are now relaxing ba? You better go and work? I'm sure so and so isn't resting at the moment".
So we work some more.I believe in working hard but working smart. I try to make every decision targeted and specific.

It's awesome to (in Rihanna's voice everybody…

10 pictures that perfectly capture Rio Olympics 2016

Rio2016 is officially over and medals have been won and lost. Memories last though especially through pictures and based on the pictures below,perhaps there should be medals for photographers too!

These pictures perfectly capture the spirit of the Olympics, from funny, to emotional and sometimes downright jaw-dropping moments.

First the really funny ones:
Classic David and Goliath picture. 
Ragan Smith is a US gymnast and DeAndre Jordan a basketball star.
Smith is 4ft 6ins while Jordan is 6ft 11ins. Hilarious combo! But at least they are BOTH in the picture!

At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the Tonga flag bearer Pita Nikolas Aufatofua had the ladies drooling when he stepped up out leading the Tonga team. Bare chested and oiled up, this picture went viral.

Now this one i dont know how to categorise. See why.

This picture is a classic portrayal of doing everything to win, as long as it is legal. 
Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas on the left hand side dove over the finish line to w…

#TravelThursday: 5 places where the sun never sets!

In Nigeria, we have fairly normal daylight and nighttime conditions, so when it is between 6 pm and 7 pm, the sun sets and the day starts to grow dark, right?

Now imagine a place, where it is daylight for 24 hours, a place where the sun never sets! Where you actually need to check the time, to know when to call it a night and go to bed.

For some, it is strange at first, so strange that they find it difficult falling asleep, because the normal conditions of darkness are not there. Yet, there are people who are used to the sun shining bright at 11pm! Where? Here are 5 places where this happens:


Norway is popularly called the land of the midnight sun. This is because for about 76hours between late May and late July, the sun remains high in the sky for about 20 hours every day.

To sleep, you will probably need heavy curtains to shut out the sunlight, or you might find yourself tossing and turning all night, if you are not used to it. Research says that this happens because of Norway…

TBuzz Review: Mara Cruiz organic hair products

For the last few weeks I have been giving my hair a treat.

 I stumbled on Amara of Mara Cruiz organics during the #ServiceSwap that trended on twitter. (Read about that here Service Swap   ).

She met up with me to personally hand over some of their products (for kids and adults) and that gave me the opportunity to find out a little about why she started this journey. According to her, it started as a way of helping her child find something that would not irritate her scalp. Since then, she has actually taken courses and continues to develop the brand which turned one last month.
I got the
- Shampoo
- Rinse Out conditioner
- Leave-In conditioner
- Hairgrowth stimulator oil
- Hair Mayonnaise
- Hair cream and have now been able to use all of them at different times.

On the whole, products with natural components score highly with me. It usually means they have all of the goodness without the chemicals that could damage hair. I especially liked the shampoo because of its smell (bla…

#TravelThursday: Staying healthy while on holiday

Travelling is a lot of fun but you know what is not fun? Falling ill while on holiday. Yuck! Who wants to go through that?

To avoid falling ill and spending your holiday in bed, check out some of the things you can do.
BEFORE YOU GO! - Get a check up!
Have your doctor do a quick once over to ensure everything is a okay! - Get your travel insurance done!
While some visa applications require you to have travel insurance, if you are going to a visa free place, still get some kind of insurance for yourself. - Take the meds you need
If there are certain medications you need to take then you should take them along. Have your own mini first aid kit which includes bandages, plasters, pain relievers etc.
Lastly remember, the fact that something is over the counter in your country does not make it same all over. You know any health issues you might have. So ensure you stock up on meds to take with you. Do not forget your meds! - Do your research!
Check out what precautions are necessary for …

A Tale of a 'Dream Team', a Bronze medal and a Japanese surgeon....

Congratulations are in order for the Nigerian U-23 team! Their road to the bronze medal was not easy but thanks to goals from Sadiq Umar, and from Aminu Umar, the team went past Honduras to win the bronze medal.
I mean the Nigerian contingent really had it rough this year. First, they found it difficult to get the needed transport fare to Brazil with most athletes resorting to opening Gofundme accounts. Then to make matters worse, the Football team was stranded a day to their first game and had to play 6 hours after landing ( and the wrong anthem was played for them) And who can forget walking past in tracksuits because the official kits did not make it down in time??!
So while we may only have bronze, we can say we got it against all odds.
It is one of the reasons Japanese surgeon Katsuya Takasu promised to give the team cash gifts if they won a medal.

Takasu is a member of Japan Medical Association, Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Japanese Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, Japan Soc…

Rio Olympics 2016: A tribute to the Nigerian spirit

The Rio Olympics for team Nigeria has been a study in courage and loyalty. First it began with the news that the athletes could not get transport to the Olympics.

Then the news that some athletes had to go on social media and use Gofundme to raise money for transport. Eventually, the Nigerian football team got stranded in Atlanta.

Then on the day of the opening ceremony, the team came out in tracksuits because their official attires, were not finished on time.

Think we are done? No. On the day of the first Nigerian football match, the wrong anthem was played, leaving the team, confused.

All this would be enough to demoralize anyone, yet the Nigerian team has stayed strong. Segun Toriola crashed out in the second round, but not after he became the first African to make seven appearances at Olympics table tennis events.

Aruna Quadri became the first African to reach the quarterfinals of men’s singles event at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where he eventually lost to the Ma Long the number on…

#TravelThursday: Top 5 weirdest tourist attractions in the world

Tourist attractions are one of the major reasons people travel. The need to see something different, something weird, something new, drives millions into planes to remote locations every year.

Apart from the really beautiful sights we can see when we travel to tourist attractions, there are also really weird ones. Check out this list based compiled by Cntraveler. Here we go:

New Zealand's Steepest Street You know how some streets can slope gradually when you walk down, this street, the Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand is in the Guinness book of records as been the steepest of them all.

It is 1,150 meters long and has a 19-degree slope, it would be near impossible to drive up this street, and walking up it would be a form of exercise.

Nebraska’s Carhenge
If you are a student of history, then no doubt you would have heard of Stonehenge, a group of really large stones arranged in a circular form, no one is sure who built it till now.

Somewhere in Nebraska, an artist named Jim Reind…

Paul Pogba: What is all the fuss about

So the name Pogba, has been trending everywhere, for close to a week now. All the sport news channels are talking about him, Adidas made a video for him and err, i keep snapchatting and yelling "Pogbaaaaaa".

Some people are confused, like, what is this fuss really about?Every club is buys players; why is this one fuss-worthy?
Let me help.
You know how we all like to talk about people breaking world records? Well, Paul Pogba just broke one.
Yes, he was signed to Man United for a world-record fee of £89m. Yes, people, 89 million! That alone, is going to be talked about for a really long time.
Why do people call him Pogback?
Let me explain that nickname: He started his career at Man United in 2009, but left in 2012, after some problems with the club management. Now, 4 years later Pogba is back, REUnited... Pogback.
As a player, Paul Pogba on his good days, is unstoppable. He has the height the style, and the stature to give the opposing team a scare.

#FreshAndAlternative Byno shines as Gold hits happy ears

A very happy Matthew hung out at the "Gold" listening party. Here is his report.

"On a night with every member of the YBNL family present, as well as OAPs, pressmen and many other artistes including Bez, Tjan, Falana, Falz, Phyno, Pepenazi, Yung L and Uzikwendo, Adekunle Gold treated us to a newsworthy listening party.

Some might have been dismissive when they first heard a cover of One Direction's 'Story Of My Life' by a certain new-ish name back in 2014. Little did they know that was the beginning of a fresh sound of alternative music in Nigeria. 
 Adekunle Gold has successfully concluded the maiden Chapter of what has now become a new sound that has brought together and even unveiled many of his kind. The photoshop expert, who only dated girls he never met (words of the host on the night, Dotun) has now become the voice of true endearment.
The YBNL soldier treated his audience to an unplugged feel of GOLD and a night of unforgettable performances.

#FashionFriday Style it like a Soul Chic

Okay let’s be honest, it’s not easy being a soul chick here because we do more classic styles and everyone is afraid of breaking out of the norm. But, if you find yourself drawn to a certain style, here’s a guide on how.
Earthy Colours
Soul sisters know that browns, leaf green, leaf yellow and other shades of earthy colours transform you immediately.
If you want to try the soul chic look, start with some earthy colours.

Skirts must flare
What is it with soul and skirts? Skirts are great for loads of looks including gypsy, corporate and even edgy but on a soul sister, a flared skirt makes you look instantly stylish.
When it comes to accessorising like a soul chic, more is more.
One bangle is never enough. Pile it on. One neck piece? Who are you? A minimalist?
Soul is about the layers, especially when it comes to accessories so go crazy.
Don’t neglect your hair
From headwraps to bows and buns, the soul chic’s style mantra is “I must, I must, I must not forget my hair”.

I ho…