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OAP Dotun announces winners

Arts and creativity need to be encouraged and so whenever someone does something to appreciate the talents Nigerians have, we are always quick to support.
So imagine our delight when Dotun, a radio show host and hype man, kicked off a competition encouraging people to submit their best #Do2unLovesArt images.
After a few days and several entries, there was a period of evaluation and the jury finally announced the winning entries today, Tuesday the 31st of January.
Here they are:

All the winners get a cash prize, and all entries get some kind of consolation. But maybe the biggest prize of all is that these talented artistes have their works seen by millions of people!

Follow @caterbydo2dtun and Our Instagram Page for more details and the other entries.
This competition was proudly supported by artiste, Jaywon, and our blog.

#MondayMotivation "Maybe the problem is your phone"

Yesterday i was at an event and asked my friends to help take pictures of me. First friend tried, i did not like the picture. Then the second friend, and then the third. Still, no picture seemed good enough. Whether it was the light or that it came out blurry, something was always off. Another friend then said, "Well then maybe the issue is with your phone then not the people taking the pictures!"

How true is this for life?
We blame our parents, our country, our family, the government, the noisy neighbours, the lecturer in school, everyone but ourselves, when things go wrong. Sadly, till we do accept the part we played in the way things are for us, we may never heal or move on.

You cannot change everything around you- the light, the focus, or time- but you can change how you see things, and what you do. Before blaming everything and everyone else in sight, fix your own thinking or issues and then look at the problems again. You may find the picture becomes clearer.

You can still INTERN with me!!!

First i would like to say "thank you" to everyone who has applied so far. I have been told we received a lot of applications (good, bad, off track and great).

We have also been able to offer internship slots to various people and the great news is- THERE ARE MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE.
But not for PRESENTERS. (The response from presenters was overwhelming and all slots have now been filled).
We are still looking for writers and technical assistants like audio and video directors / producers, editors, cameramen and also, social media interns.
So once again if interested, follow the steps below!!!
All the best.
If you want to intern with me any time this year, all you need to do is send me an email C/O Olumide via '' with the following in the BODY of the mail
1. Your Name
2. The Position you are interning for, eg, Radio Producer, Writer,
3. THREE skills you currently HAVE that will help you on the job
4. THREE skills you currently HAVE that will be an a…

Remember 'Allo Allo? Gordon Kaye has just passed on

Before 'Big Bang Theory', 'How I Met Your Mother', 'Modern Family' and all the comedies we laugh our heads off to now, we had 'Fawlty Towers' and 'Allo Allo'.

We particularly loooooved 'Allo Allo which had a bunch of oddball characters and a lot of dodgy accents. Lol. I still use one of the lines from the show- "Listen very carefully; i shall say this only once".

Well sadly, the man we knew only as 'Rene Artois' passed on at the age of 75 at a home care facility. His real name is Gordon Kaye and he played the cafe proprietor for the 85 episodes the BBC sitcom ran for.

How to go make-up free like Alicia Keys

I have been watching Alicia Keys for the last couple of months and her bravery in choosing to be bare faced in a world of 'face beats' is admirable.

While we may not all go make up free for life like her, truth is, there are times our faces need a break from make up. The skin needs it!!!
So if you do want to go a day without make up but might run into people or take pictures, what can you do?
1. Let your skin glow.
Sometimes when I look at Alicia, I am like, "it's not your fault o, with this your skin that is glowing".
Great skin is always an asset whether or not you wear make up so cleanse, exfoliate and mosturise to give your skin that extra shine. 2. Buns
There is something putting your hair in a bun does for your face. In some ways, it is an automatic facelift so when you go make up free, put your hair in a bun (with or without a few tendrils out at the sides) and watch the compliments come! 3. Scarves and bows
Another thing to do if you are going make up f…

Random HealthCare Musings

I remember how on the 27th of December 2016 i woke up feeling ill. I felt so bad and weak physically that i did not run my radio show till the end and i went straight to the hospital.

You know when you do not feel well it can feel like the end of the world for you but everything else will continue as usual. Well, even the doctor at the hospital i went to acted like there was nothing wrong with me, which oddly, suddenly made me feel better.
But before i talk about that, let me talk about this hospital.

I had gone to this hospital once or twice for different complaints. I have been treated with courtesy every time and generally like going there. That morning though, i walked in and there was noone at the reception. I had to knock on random doors till i found someone to attend to me. Even after that though, the doctor barely sat down to consult with me, letting me know he had to go upstairs to 'join them in surgery'.
He took my blood, said they would run tests and let me know. To…

#Lifestyle My Sunday out at Damesh Clinic

*things are happening*

Lol. That's my best conspiratorial voice as I bring to you how Lagos is fast becoming like 'amrica' (America for those of you that don't speak whatever language that is). So I got the e-invite for the opening of a beauty clinic. For some reason, I thought I'd be getting a day of make up or spa consultations till I got the physical invite and saw it was a clinic and some of their services include getting rid of frown lines and helping with nose contouring.
Well yes! Now you can get under your eyes filled or your nose contoured right here in Lagos. There was a live demonstration of one of the procedures ( I missed the 'before' because I was late but caught the 'after. She said she was happy with the result).
There was also a bit of chit chat with some of the other guests present like Moriam Musa and Tewa Onasanya of Exqusitie Magazine.
We had debates as to what age we thought beauty procedures should start at (someone s…

#TravelThursday Beware the slump

Travelling is fun but always beware the slump.

That's when you come back and everything just feels 'bleh'.
The holiday helped you forget but now you are back to school / work / search and same ol' same ol' routines.
So how to beat the slump?
1. Come back early. I find that the difference between when i come back the day my leave ends and a little while before is clear. They both suck (who wants to ever come home from a holiday) but the latter sucks less.
2. Ease into it When you come back and immediately meet and try to deal with a heavy work load, you run the risk of physical and emotional trauma. Take things slow, especially for the first few days!
3. Bring your trip with you Souvenirs and other memories from your trip will help keep you 'there' while you are here. Be it something as simple as a seashell or something as big as local art, anything that reminds you of your trip helps beat the slump.
Believe me, i'm taking my own advice!

Toddler Saves Brother From Being Crushed

I saw this video and i had to s.h.a.r.e it with you guys!
Brock and Bowdy were playing in their room when one tried to get into the drawer and guess what? It fell on him!

Watch as the little boy contemplates what to do as his brother suffers, and then he finally rescues him!

The kids' father s.h.a.r.ed the video himself and said while he was hesitant to s.h.a.r.e it at first, he thought it was important to show that furniture like wardrobes etc have to be nailed to the wall to prevent such injuries. 

Mr Shoff, of Orem, Utah, said he and his wife were upstairs and did not hear Brock crying when the chest of drawers fell on top of him. He told KCPQ TV that when his wife went back into the room and saw the furniture on the floor, they did not realise what had happened because the boys were fine and only realised when they watched the video.

s.h.a.r.e and Intern with me!!!

Hi all,
I get a lot of people telling me all the time that they would like to intern with Top Radio 90.9, or with me and I feel helpless a lot because I can't take on everyone. Infact, when it comes to interning with Top Radio 90.9, i'm not in charge of that.
I did however have a 'bad-ish' experience late last year and a convo with a friend, Zainab Azeez, which further inspired me to try this.
Throughout this year, I will be taking on interns. Please note, these interns are NOT for Top Radio 90.9 nor Pulse Nigeria.
Some of these intern spots are paid internships, others unpaid. Some short term (weeks) while others will be long. Some internship spots could lead to offers and ALL come with commission.
If you want to intern with me any time this year, all you need to do is send me an email C/O Olumide via '' with the following in the BODY of the mail
1. Your Name
2. The Position you are interning for, eg, Radio Producer, Writer,
3. THREE sk…

First... of 2017

On the 31st of December, i lost a colleague. I'm going to write my tribute to Pius in a bit but news of his death hit me like, o wow 2016...
Yeah 2016 was a one of those years. I had heard the "leap year" urban legend for a while and 2016 turned me into a believer.
From scandals to deaths to career lows and more.
I had great things happen to me in 2016 but it did feel like it dragged.
So now it's 2017 and i don't want to do all that this year is a b c. But i went into the New Year full of life and optimism. It was nice to fellowship, sing, pray and make positive confessions into the New Year.

2017, what you got?