Fashion Cinderella: A week full of Jackets

Hey guys.
So i don't know you plan your week but me i like to plan ahead. I don't want to risk waiting till the morning to decide what to wear as that has caused me to be late in the past.
For some reason, last week i opened my wardrobe and just saw jackets. I decided on a week of jackets.

Do you know there are different kinds of jackets? There are Blazers,  Denim, Leather, Bomber, Bolero, Capes, etc.
I learnt that recently.
Jackets help you with layering, to give your simple outfit a little extra and to cover up.

My Tips:
* Rock your shorts! Yes! You can get away with shorts and jackets but mind the length to get it right!

* Invest in classic colours like black and dark blue, then go crazy with other colours as you go along.

* I also recommend at least one blazer to start with.

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