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#MondayMotivation Three things I am Taking away from Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win

Last time the Grammys were on, i was determined to catch it live. When my alarm went off, i killed it and stayed in bed. But this time around with the Oscars, i did not even need my alarm to wake me up. I knew i did not want to read all about it on twitter or the news feed, and fine it would repeat but no, i wanted to see the moment Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his oscar, live.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty known name if you like
- movies
- fine guys who age gracefully
- interesting stories.

This was the guy who transitioned from child star in sit-coms to movie star, with movies like, "What's eating Gilbert Grape", and then the iconic role in "Titanic" (for which he actually did not get nominated.). Since then, he has gone to play it all- billionaire, criminal and undercover police officer.

And through it all, no Oscar.
Did he lose to less deserving people? Of course not. He lost out to Forest Whitaker for Last King of Scotland, in the year gave us the powerf…

#EventWednesday Olorisupergal turned 6... (Not the girl, the company)

Did i ever tell you guys i lost my voice? Like literally open mouth and no sound. I was quite worried o, and now i understand why people insure the funniest things.

But what does that have to do with Olorisupergal at 6.

Let me jump to the beginning first. marked its sixth year anniversary in Lagos at a get together attended by stars like Gbenga Adeyinka, Tee A and Sisi Yemmie. Thankfully, i did not have to gate crash because i was invited to also host the event and boy was i happy.

Till, i lost my voice. Tried everything (and we need to talk about some great natural remedies for your voice) but it didn't clear in time so i was glad comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka could take over and host it instead. Fun Fact: Do you know the owner of olorisupergal, Tosin Ajibade, once worked for Gbenga?

Olorisupergal has grown from being one of Nigeria’s first blogspot hubs into a full urban lifestyle force in Nigeria. Olorisupergal has produced New Media Conference, a travel website ‘Trave…

#Monday WIN tickets to the Emotional Masterclass

What will you do to move your personal or corporate brand to where you really want it to be? I'm looking forward to attending the Emotional Masterclass session this Saturday and good news, i can bring YOU along.

But why should you come?
Well, let me ask; have you taken the right steps to enable you achieve your desired outcomes?
Studies have shown that 85% of life's success is dependent on Emotional Intelligence. This event, "The Power of Emotions: Using positive emotions to build your brand” is guaranteed to teach you how taking charge of your emotions can help you maximize your individual or corporate brand. Human beings are ruled by their emotions and if you can master this for yourself and others, you will always succeed. Often times, people will connect with or patronize your brand based on some type of emotions you can evoke in them.
Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, found that people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rathe…

#ShortStorySunday Instant attraction

It was Day 245 of being single in Las Gidi and I was headed for one of those cocktail parties that someone invites you to, maybe because they have a quota they have to fill up or maybe because they genuinely want you there.
I didn't mind. It was Friday night and I was bored.
Plus it was the kind of party that was sure to have free booze. And hey, what girl doesn't like free booze?
Blue summery dress that translates well from day to night? Check
Pink shoes with kitten heels because aint nobody got time for pain? Check
Some make up, some perfume and lip gloss for the road? Check.

I left home like I usually do when I go out-  open mind closed legs.

I had been at the party for like forty minutes before I spotted him. It was, as I expected, one of those quota invitations so I said all but five words to the person who invited me. I did see a lot of famous people, including the actor, Gbade Ademiro. She was so chic.

There had been a paucity of nibbles, with the waiters bringing out…

Shade it like Taylor...

Here is a guide to shading like Taylor Swift.

1. When the 'enemy' says or does something, DO NOT REACT. Taylor famously tweeted at Nicki when she thought Nicki Minaj was taking shots at her last year and that backfired so now when Kanye's song and diss came up this year, our girl didn't say a thing. Remember, the whole world is refreshing your page to see what you will say or do so KEEP YOUR COOL.
2. Win Instead of wasting your energy on bad blood, channel it into you. Rise, win, and succeed. Afterall, you know what they say about success right? Congrats to Taylor on her grammy wins last night. She is now the only woman to have won a grammy for 'Best Album', twice. While we may not all win grammys in Versace, we can still celebrate our successes and shade!
3. Empower and Shade the beep off! Taylor Swift's acceptance at the Grammys was on the face of it, an encouragement for women and an admonishment of the 'male dominated' system. But if you of c…

What I Am Loving At The Moment... Love, Make Up Artistes and Tahari

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow so that is a great opportunity for me to talk about love. Yeah right.
Like Top Radio 90.9 on air personality, Yomi Kazeem said to me the other day, "you are a tomboy, you talk about sports, not love". Na wa o!
But, i do look forward to spending time with my best friend, and here is hoping i get a teddy bear. Lord knows i have left him enough hints. I would tell you what i got him but he reads my blog so final 'hint' babes- TeddyBear!
Apart from teddy bears, what else am i loving at the moment?
Make Up Artistry When i apply my make up myself, i am more about doing it quick and simple

When i sit down with a professional though, i let them do the work. Most times i do not look into the mirror till they finish because i enjoy the transformation from cute to va va voom!
Naija's make up game is off the hinges and kudos to everyone who is doing it well! Special shout out to my three favourites!
I met Preye when i did m…

#MondayMotivation If you want to go far...

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"
I have started this post five times. I kid you not. And that in itself is what the post is about. I know what I want to say, I can see it and say it, but to turn it into a post that makes sense and conveys my thoughts? A little harder.
I used to think this was a function of the creative mind, but I saw the trait in different ways. My cousin and I would ponder over a problem and I'd be there with a thousand solutions, but if you asked me to actually do those things, I'd be like, 'err'. He on the other hand, can do these things in little or no time.
In theory, it's also why I can never seem to tidy my room. Or maybe that's ocd. And I digress.
But back to my story. This trait as I like to call it is 'Big Picture'.
Some people see the big picture while some see fine details. Some people are able to dream up grand ideas and some are able to plug those holes and build beneath t…

#EventWednesday Coloured Myself Rad last weekend!

Last weekend i ran.

Okay i lie.
I jogged a little, walked a lot and danced a bit.

But it was all fun and it felt goooood!

It was for the first ever #ColourMeRad5k in Lagos, Nigeria and it kicked off from Bar Beach at 4pm on Sunday January 31st with Freedom Park as the destination.

The turn out was impressive and everyone looked colourful- painted nails, running gear and all.

Colour me Rad is a 5kilometre race and is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colours. As such, participants are sprayed with colour at the start, at the final stop and various points in between.

I was ready for all the colours and by the time i got to Freedom Park (last but for a few kids and their parents behind me), i was more colourful than the rainbow.

#MondayMotivation Are you Shy or Silly?

Are you shy or silly?
Okay I apologise, this header is a bit harsh. But hey, it could have been worse. I could have said 'stupid'. Forgive me, I just really really like my alliterations.
Let me explain what I mean though.
I am a shy person.
* I'm giving you a few moments to faint and not believe me here*
But I am though. And it's a cross when you don't know how to deal with it. There are actually a lot of media personalities who are shy as well but the beauty of it is we can hide behind fierce alter egos who do the work for us. But give us a more intimate social situation and we become awkward. That's why sometimes you meet a celebrity who doesn't say a word to you.
For me, my job makes me larger than life. People see me away from my mic and expect to see me shouting "Areaaaa" or something. Lol. Meanwhile me I'd much rather be in a corner counting the dots on my trainers than looking into your eyes.

Ah, eye contact. This thing kills us, the …