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WCW: Tallulah is the new kid on the block

A new face on the 'Moments' brand on Ebonylife TV, Tallulah is living her dream! We chatted with her and we were so pleased that she had a lot to say. Tallulah shares what it's like being a co-host on the show while snagging in what she'll usually be causgh wearing when she's not in front of the camera. Enjoy.

Tolu Doherty AKA Tallulah is a presenter, producer, entrepreneur and our WOMAN CRUSH for today.

Hello Tolu!
1) Your name Tallulah is such a funky name, how did you get it? At school, I always had a bunch of nicknames no one ever called me my real name Tolu lol! And Tallulah is the one that stuck. It comes from the musical "Bugsy Malone" the main character is called Tallulah and she's gorgeous and glamorous so as a gangly 12 year old with braces, I was like yes bring it on"My name is Tallulah!".

2) You are a new co-host on the ‘Moments’ show. What’s it like co-hosting with Bolanle and Toke and how did you feel the moment you got the job?

#StyleStory My favourite little black dress

Everyone has that one thing they bought that was just a good buy.
Not only was it a good buy when you actually got it, but it still proves to be a good buy weeks, months and hey, years after!

For me, it is this little black dress from 'Mango'.

I cannot remember why i walked into that Mango store, or when, but boy am i glad i did. I picked up this dress and i think it must have been for some event or the other, which i did wear it to. but since then, it has become the little dress that could.

When the style gurus said every wardrobe needs a little black dress, they never lied. I have worn this dress to a concert, for a date, on a girls' night out, and to work and a press conference.

Do you see now why it is my favourite?

I can dress it up with heels for a party, with bold accessories for a television appearance, keep it simple with white contrasts for a date and rock it with flats for work.This really is the superhero of all clothes in my wardrobe.

Tell me, do you have that…

#PinkFootball Thank God for Ronaldo

So on Sunday, Manchester United played and Pogba scored. Even though l'usband has tried to explain to me over and over that since Pogba is NOT a striker he wasnt bought to score goals, but i think some of the banter does get to you and you start to wonder why your very expensive players can't get you back to top three.

Yes i am a Manchester United fan. I remember once crying so much when Manchester United lost a champions league game, and being so distraught that i could not even eat and i even had palpitations and i swore i was done with football and being a fan.
That did not last long. I have jerseys, i follow everyone on social media and sometimes during a game, i kneel in front of the television urging my players on.

So Pogba scored and Man U won,
The 6th position.

Like what the actual frag?!
I feel sorry for some players like Ibrahimovic and i'm always like De Gea 'pele'.

I do not know who we have offended but an unbeaten run full of draws, monumental losses …


Hi there, you've probably heard the phrase 'omo re bi custard, you are not a bastard' one too many times. But do you know who coined it? Wonder no more, because he's our MCM for today. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you Olu Salako popularly known as 'SLK'

He's a writer, stand-up comedian, MC, and Actor! whew. Lets hear from him:


1)      You are great with puns, a very rare and beautiful talent, how did you discover it?
Well, I got that from secondary school. We used to call it dry cracks. It used to annoy people then but I loved it. Over time, I discovered that I had a knack for words; Learning words and twisting them.
2)      What’s been the most inspirational thing to have ever happened to you?
The days I watched Chris Rock and Bovi. Something strange happened to me. I can only call it an epiphany. Like wow. I can't explain it. But it sparked up a fire that has not been put out since then.

3)      If you could change something …

WCW: NINIOLA and the real reason for the song MARADONA

Today is Wednesday and we are crushing on the beautiful, amazing NINIOLA! We had a chat with her to find out the inspiration for her new song, MARADONA (she spills all the juice). We also asked her to tell us one fact about her that people aren't always quick to believe, and it was quite an interesting one. If you'll like to know what it is,  keep reading! ENJOY

Niniola is a singer and songwriter.  She rose to prominence in 2013 after finishing as third runner-up on the sixth season of Project Fame West Africa.

 Hi Niniola, 
1)Your most recent song, Maradona is a lovely one; what was the inspiration for the song?
Thank you so much dear, we give God the glory for that LOL...Well we were all in the studio while Sarz was making the Beat, he got to the point when he wanted me to record and I started vibing and dropping just melodies, when we got to the chorus MARADONA was the only thing that popped in my head and he went on and said "yes that’s the chorus". So as soon as I g…

#MCM:What Henry Uduku wants everyone to know about him

Hello everyone, it's another Monday and we are very happy to share with you, our interview with Henry Uduku; Oh! and because we know many of you aren't really excited about Mondays, we asked him to tell us what keeps him going through out a drab week. He shared something with us and hopefully, it can help you too. *Winks

Henry Uduku is a writer, creative director, 'streetstyle' photographer and Fashion stylist at Guardian Life Magazine. Of course we had to bring him on the blog! Enjoy 
1)You are a young stylist who has worked with lots of celebrities like Noble Igwe, Seyi Shay, Chigul and many more. What’s the best part about having to style them? Working with these people had different perks. With Chigul, it was a first hand comedy experience followed by a very strong inspirational story. With Noble, it was a lot of business talks and talks on his wedding, for some it's straight to business but with side lessons.
In essence, meeting them out of the spotlight and lear…

#LamideLive... That GTB Food and Drink Festival

Hi guys, Lamide Akintobi here!

The other day, i told you all about my 'asa live in Lagos encore' and you can read that post 

What i didn't mention was that the next day, i was at Day 1 of GTB’s Food & Drink Festival, which was a 2 day festival with thousands of vendors, and masterclasses from culinary geniuses from around the world. 

I thought it’d be a leisurely day of walking around, eating bits and bobs, popping into a Masterclass and hanging out with friends – I was kinda wrong. I planned to support my good friend and culinary/garden queen Uzo Orimalade of Uzo’s Food Labs, who was selling her delicious gourmet chin chin and some seedlings from her garden, so I made that my first stop, once I was able to park (that was a 25 minute ordeal!). The first thing that hit me was the heat. For some reason, fans and ACs didn’t seem to be doing the job, and it was a hot day outside as well, so it was like walking into a blanket of heat. This probably worked out well for those se…

#LamideLive... at #asaLiveInLagos encore

Hi guys, Lamide Akintobi here! How is May going for you so far? It's been a busy couple of weeks, and whenever life gets hectic, I can't help but reminisce about the most recent things I've done that made me happy. For me that was the May-Day holiday - A holiday weekend is always chock-full of activity, and this one was no different. May Day weekend was LIT!
On April 29th, the incomparable Asa came back to Lagos for her “Asa Encore: Live in Lagos” concert. I’d never been to an Asa concert, although I’ve seen her perform at other events. But I knew, from reviews of last year’s concert, that it was an experience I couldn’t miss again. So off I went, ticket in hand, to experience the magic myself. Unfortunately, due to ticket hustling outside, I missed a couple of the opening performances, but I caught Aramide, Lindsey Abudei, Funbi and Omolara. Aramide put up a great show as usual. I’m definitely a fan. I have to say I was hugely impressed by Lindsey Abudei, because despite …

#TosynTravels By the deserts of Saint Louis...

I went to Senegal in March. It was a quick and brief trip as i had only a few days off work and also had to host #TosynsBuzzLive, well live, on Pulse.

Brief but well worth it.

I think it is interesting that not all Africans travel within Africa, especially around countries where as Nigerians for example, we do not need visas. There are actually a lot of countries, for example, ECOWAS countries, where Nigerians can enter without visas and they are beautiful places.

There is a lot to s.h.a.r.e about my trip to Senegal so expect to see little posts from time to time. Today, i would like to s.h.a.r.e specifically about Saint Louis.

Saint Louis is also known as 'Ndar' in Wolof and is home to the famous Saint Louis Jazz Festival which i unfortunately missed this year but will pencil down for next year by His Grace.

Saint Louis is a simple place, with narrow roads s.h.a.r.ed by cars like the taxi that drove us there, bicycles and horses and carriages. It was fascinating to see horses…

#OAP101 Want to get on radio? Start a podcast now!

Hi all.
I do hope your week is off to a great start. Mine sure is. I feel very productive today and i have been able to do a few of my to-dos before 12pm which means i can count this as a productive day for sure.

Today i wanted to touch on a question i get asked a lot in varying ways. The summary is- how do i get on radio? You can listen to the OAP 101 podcast here where i go in depth with different tips.

While the podcast gives different tips, i am tackling one tip- starting a podcast.

When people ask me about how to get on radio, i advise them to get a podcast first. Why?
- Podcasts are relatively free and easy to begin. With your phone and a host platform like Soundcloud for example, you can start broadcasting to the world.
- Starting a podcast and working on it regularly will train you for when you do get on radio. And thirdly
- You can start gaining a following which means you become more attractive to potential employers.

If you do want to start your podcast, here are three qui…