#MCM:What Henry Uduku wants everyone to know about him

Hello everyone, it's another Monday and we are very happy to share with you, our interview with Henry Uduku; Oh! and because we know many of you aren't really excited about Mondays, we asked him to tell us what keeps him going through out a drab week. He shared something with us and hopefully, it can help you too. *Winks

Henry Uduku

Henry Uduku is a writer, creative director, 'streetstyle' photographer and Fashion stylist at Guardian Life Magazine. Of course we had to bring him on the blog! Enjoy 

1)     You are a young stylist who has worked with lots of celebrities like Noble Igwe, Seyi Shay, Chigul and many more. What’s the best part about having to style them?
Working with these people had different perks. With Chigul, it was a first hand comedy experience followed by a very strong inspirational story. With Noble, it was a lot of business talks and talks on his wedding, for some it's straight to business but with side lessons.
In essence, meeting them out of the spotlight and learning from their stories (networking) are usually the best parts.

2)     Tell us a few funny fashion trends that you actually like?
The choker trend I liked, mostly because of how a good number of people improvised [DIY]. The reflector frame sunglasses were good too. You just can't see through my frames but you see yourself. The mule/half shoes comeback too.

3)      What’s that one thing you wish everyone would know about you?  
I always wanted to be a pilot.

4)     Do you think your personal style comes out to play when you style others?
I like to think so. I think my style is all over the place [in a good way] as I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, allowing me put looks together that work with both the theme and the subject in question. 

5)     It’s Monday- share some inspiring words that help you thrive during a drab week?
 Little droplets of water make a mighty ocean.                                                                                        
That's all we have for you. Have an inspiring and bubbly week!                              


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