Hi everyone, hope your week is going pretty well? If yours has been drab, here’s a little something to spice it up. Today, we are crushing on the lovely Adenike Oyetunde who is a speaker, On-air- personality, and most interestingly a cancer survivor.

Hi Adenike,

 1) A lot of people see you as a survivor and constantly draw inspiration from you, how does that make you feel and what fuels your own inspiration?

I am learning to be in an unlooking mood. Let me tell you why. I honestly don't seek the praises of men and have heard how detrimental that can be. However, my primary purpose is to show others that living optimally is possible and very achievable. 

In that light, my inspiration is GOD firstly and a few people around me. People who want me to be more, who know I can do more and who push me to do more; Those that applaud my stepping out and launching into the deep. My inspiration is JESUS. Who in under a week had the same people who applauded Him, scream crucify Him'; and continued on that road to salvation.  My inspiration is my not so little sugar, Beulah and aunty Sumbo.

My inspiration is my friend Udy and Ogochukwu and Sola and Mayowa and Tombra and Ira and Michael and Kemi. They push me!!! 

2)      Are there any activities you do that people may not easily believe you can do?

Swimming and maybe driving.

3)      Where’s your best place to be?

In my own place (mind), with my homies and good food, best if we're God-ing (the practice of talking, reading, sharing all things God)

4)      You’re a radio personality; do you have any plans of getting into TV as well?

I sure will...

5)      What’s your biggest turn off with people?

Abbreviations when they type. The ehem' ehem people. Just make a sentence already!!!

6)      It's Wednesday, please tell us one woman you look up to?

Hmm...Wow. Kemi Adetiba has been under my radar for a very long time and I'm sure I'll know why again sooner.

My colleague-sister Omotunde Adebowale David, a.k.a Lolo 1. Wow. 

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