Hi people, It's that time again; where we go through  some of the biggest lessons we've learnt from the amazing woman-crushes we've had on the blog. Powerful women with so much wisdom oozing out of their interviews, I just had to put them into one awesome post which I hope that you'll  enjoy!

Of course, these are their exact words, not mine ;)

KELECHI MGBEMENA: Discover Yourself, go on a journey with Yourself and in the process master Yourself” -kelechi Mgbemena

LAPE ASEKUN:   I've learned that you can't do it alone you need a team of people who believe in what you're doing and are ready to put in efforts to make it a success.

PELUMI SHITTU:  Never compare yourself with anybody. Situations change in an instance. Discover yourself and walk in that don’t focus solely on school and it’s assignment. Have fun, live a little, go to more places and just be young.

DAMI ELEBE: To my 20 year old self, get up and be responsible.
To my 50 year old self, you only live once... Do it Jare!

TOMI ADESINA:  A lot of us live in fear - fear of the unknown and we're just so afraid to jump because we're afraid that we'd fall, but there's also the tendency that we'd fly.

WADI BEN-HIRKI: “Stories will be told about the heroes of your generation. Make sure you’re one of them” – Wadi Ben-Hirki


  •  Don’t do it because everyone is doing it.
  • Find what is unique about you and stick to it
  • Have a technology that can help you tell your story right.

That's it guys!
Stay Inspired.



Happy Monday Fellaz. It's a great new week and you should be excited for the new opportunities, new blessings and most importantly, a chance to start fresh.

Today we are crushing on the handsome Timini Egbuson. He's an extraordinary actor, TV Host and soon to be Interior decorator (You saw it first here lol). He's fast creating a legacy in the media industry and you may have seen him on renowned TV series Tinsel, Skinny Girl in Transit, MTV's Shuga and many others. 
If your day hasn't been going well, count on this interview to brighten up your day. I'm still smiling as I type this too.  Can your MCM ever?
 I don't think so ;)

A spicy interview with a Spicy man *winks. Enjoy ;)

1)      You’re an actor and a TV Presenter, are there any other careers you may be adding to your portfolio anytime soon? 

TIMINI: I consider myself a creative and as a result there’s a million different things I feel like I can contribute to in order for me to be fully fulfilled. As a result, there’s really no where I can’t pitch my tatent. I’ve worked as a sales and marketing executive and very soon I’m going to introduce the public to Timini the interior designer. I keep surprising myself. 

2)      Tell us about one of your most inspiring moments?(what happened and why it inspires you)

TIMINI: Getting a role in MTV Shuga was very inspiring for me
Because it happened at a time when I was very unsure about what I wanted to do with my life. I asked God to show me a sign and it took him about a week. The role has gone on to open up countless doors and opportunities for me. 

3)      One Hollywood movie you wish you had acted in and the role you would have liked to play.

TIMINI: Would have loved to play the male lead role in the movie GET OUT. Daniel Kaluuya did an amazing job interpreting the role.

4)      If you could exchange bodies with any actor, it’ll be who?

TIMINI: Exchange bodies ke? These other actors wish they had my body. Lol 

5)     One mantra you live by?

TIMINI: I'm the king of Mantras, really depends on my mood. For this interview : “It’s tough to be let down when you don’t have any expectations, nobody owes you shit”

6) A fun day for you would include:

TIMINI: Great conversations with people I love and good wine. 

7))      If you could change something in the media industry with a switch, what would it be?

TIMINI: The unhealthy silent competitive nature. There’s space for all of us to shine and we can achieve more if we all
Just come together collectively.

8)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

TIMINI: 10 pounds is 5000 Naira. *Crying*

LOL. This was fun!
Stay inspired,


3 Ways to Make Red Carpet Looks work for your Every Day Style

Ever seen a cool look on the Red Carpet and absolutely wanted to recreate it?
You can!
You can look red carpet ready whether for work, school, or a date by following these 3 steps.

. Shop for Less
Usually after a Red Carpet event, stores and designers will recreate some of the trending or best looks for less. 
You can also create these looks yourself with items you already own.

. Colours or Black!
One thing that helps is reaching out for colour!
Be careful not to overdo it.  Pick one colour and work with it and remember to do like the stars do- keep the drama simple!

. Tone it Down
A big thing to look out for when styling down, is to tone things down!
Red Carpet events are typically hosted at night and are of course spaced out so of course people will go all out with what they decide to wear.
Instead of a floor length gown, why not go for something that stops at the knees?
Instead of a dress, revamp the look by throwing jeans on instead, finally, easy with the accessorising and fabrics or shine.

I hope these tips help!

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