#WinWednesday 4 things my sister taught me

My sister celebrated her birthday this week and so i wanted to celebrate her by dedicating this week's #WinWednesday to her.

You don't choose your family, but i am grateful for mine. When it comes to Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, i am a fan as much as a sister. Growing up i would follow her around. Or at least, try. I still follow her though, just not physically.

There are certain things she has taught me without even saying anything and these four are my favourites.

- Be an all-rounder
In the Bible when some mischievous people asked Jesus a question to trip Him up, he said, "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..."
I think Funke is one person who is able to balance having time for her career, her family, her social life, and her faith.

- Do. Then do more.
My sister can't stop doing. And what's more, she does not let criticism, doubts, fear, or anything else stand in her way. If Funke wants to do it, she will. And she will do it in her own beautiful way! I love it!

- Grow.
She always always wants to be better, especially when it comes to her companies. She listens to advice, consults and tries things to make herself and her work better. She has strong work ethic and i like that she is firm. Her high standards that she demands are not just for others; she demands the best from herself as well.

- Take care of family
Or make that, 'people'. If she can help, she will,

There is a lot more. Like how she forgives easily and gets along with practically everyone, bringing that Biblical line, " at peace with everyone" to life. I love it.

Happy birthday once again to the almost only sugar in my tea. I love you!


Hi everyone, it's Wednesday (and my birthday too *winks) and I'm super excited, but that's not why you are here, is it? lol. On monday, we had a recap of our June men crushes and of course today, we'll be doing so for all the amazing women we've crushed on so far. Enjoy outstanding quotes/facts from each of them ;)

If you read Tallulah's interview, you'd know that she had a lot to say. My favourite lines from her would have to be these -...feed my focus and starve my distractions. I think often times we get distracted by minor things that should be ignored. And also you're not a tree if you're not happy, move. It's that simple. Life is to be lived and enjoyed not suffered through. Work on your goals daily, surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, want to see you win and make you laugh - laughter is very important to me. And finally Carpe Diem - Seize the day!

Clay definitely has a lot of depth. Here's my favourite  from her -A lot kids out there, live the social media. They see and copy. Totally forgetting to do 'themselves '; Absolutely ignoring the fact that half the stuff in the media is bogus. And really the beauty in the world, is the difference in everyone, our particular individuality. Being yourself.

Adenike is one person that sets out to make everyone around her comfortable. The most interesting fact about her would have to be this -I love to watch movies!!! Binge Watching series. Sometimes I think I'm strange because I can watch movies nonstop. Little wonder her YouTube channel is about reviewing movies.

I asked Jane about how her life has changed since she came into limelight. I honestly thought she'd say something about too much paparazzi or 'yes-men'. lol but the reverse was the case. Here's what she said -Being in the spotlight has changed my life completely, improved my self-confidence and expanded my capacity. Being in the spotlight has put upon me the pressure to succeed and stay succeeding, then there is of course, the pressure not to let down those who constantly support me and my journey. I would generally say that although the spotlight comes with some rewards, it does have its difficult sides

Adenike is inspiration herself. One profound statement she made that has stuck with me for a while would have to be this-  I honestly don't seek the praises of men, I have heard how detrimental that can be.

One fact that still strikes me about Niniola would be summed up in her statement - ...I am an introvert.Who would have thought?

That's it peeps! more amazing interviews next week.  

Stay Inspired.


#PinkFootball Cutest proposal pictures ever!

Former Manchester United player, Memphis Depay recently proposed to his fiancee, Lori Harvey. Lori is Steve Harvey and Marjorie's Harvey last child (although she is technically, Steve's step daughter). Don't you just love how idyllic and beautiful the spot he chose is?
It is so cute I. Cannot. Deal.


MCM: June Recap

Hi Peeps! This is honestly the first Monday I can confidently say 'Happy Monday' without expecting readers to roll their eyes. What a wonderful time to be alive. LOL. 4 days of holiday! Happy Eid ul fitr to all our muslim readers.

Today is the last Monday in June, so I decided to do a recap of all the 'hanzome bobos' we've had on our MCM segment; But a simple recap will be so boring and you can always go back to read the articles, it's not like they are transient. We'll be spicing it up a little. I'm going to be writing out my favorite responses from all our MCM's so far. If you're ready, let's cut to the chase!

Yemi was a ball of wisdom. Even the fun questions I asked turned out being motivational. Sigh. So here's my best from him.

One thing I never forget to do in my "hours of life" is praise God. For you, you can spend your 'hours of life' meditating OR praying, the point is take some time off everyday.

Ayoola's note to his twenty year old self was so apt. Here it goes-Don't be in a Hurry, enjoy this moments. Your tomorrow is sorted. Everyone should be reminded of this everyday. Live in the moment.

Lawyartist was such a joy to interview; Maybe it's his cartoons/ artworks that just make me happy but once i hear layartist, I'm glad. My favourite line from him is- 
I try to draw every day after my 9-6 as a lawyer; it’s really that simple. It’s simple but consistency is key. Yes, whatever it is you do, remember to be consistent.

My favourite from him would just have to be the fashion trend he loves- "reflector framea, You just can't see through my frames but you see yourself" Who doesnt love those?

Jon was so sweet! My favourite response from him was an answer to the question " if you could delete one year in your life, which would it be." . He said -would've have said 2011, leaving the United States to the United Kingdom. However, I believe that all things work together for my good, so all the years I have spent add up to this moment. So no matter how bad things get, remember its part of your success story ;)

I was so happy to ask this question and even happier with the response- If you could change something in the world with the flip of a switch, what would it be?
SLK said he'll switch off the quest for money making by all means and Switch on honesty and doing the right things. Well, what could be more important?

That's it! If you'll like to read the fuller interviews, just click on their names.

Happy holidays!


#StyleSaturday Saved by the striped pants!

Last week, i went for the Stylvo Creatives Connect event.

I wrote about it for Kwesefied here.

My stylist and i had picked out what i was going to wear- oversized white shirt with a maroon jacket. It was chic and definitely not my usual style.
Sadly, the next day, after putting on my make up, i went to get dressed and i just could not wear it because the shirt was too rumpled and i was running late.
So there i was trying not to panic as i watched the clock tick.
I began looking at what i had and trying to think of what to mix and match quickly.

In the end, my eyes landed on these striped pants and it was a bingo moment.
Once i knew i was going with the pants, everything else became easy. I would have liked a white shirt with it and now i know one item i simply must buy next shopping spree.

Next best option was the sleeveless blue shirt i eventually went with.
Although black items tend to be the most versatile items in your wardrobe, dark blue tops come a close third. White is of course number 2.

So i threw it on, tucked it in, grabbed my white shoes and dashed out of the house.



Hi there peeps, hope your week is going very well? Great!

Let's get straight to Wednesday's business! *winks. I can't remember how I got to know her but our woman crush today has been on my radar for a long time. She's a fashion stylist who has worked with celebrities like Tiwa savage, Yemi Alade, Toolz and many more. Oh, I am absolutely in love with her name too; its Jane Michael Ekanem. My short chat with her can be explained in one word- amazing! Enjoy!

Jane Michael Ekanem

Hi Jane,

1)     Let's throwback a little, What were you doing at the point when you were told you would be the official stylist for MTN Project fame, and how did you feel?

JANE: I was chosen as the official stylist for the FEMALE contestants and the female host for the show. At that time, I had a mobile boutique, selling clothes from office to office; so it is apt to say that was a major break for me. How did I feel? Exhilarated. I was over-the-moon kind of delighted, yet I was nervous as well you see, because it was a challenge and I was not expected to fail. It was a ‘to whom much is given…’ situation for me.

2)      In what ways has your life changed since you came into spotlight?

JANE: Being in the spotlight has changed my life completely, improved my self-confidence and expanded my capacity. Being in the spotlight has put upon me the pressure to succeed and stay succeeding, then there is of course, the pressure not to let down those who constantly support me and my journey. I would generally say that although the spotlight comes with some rewards, it does have its difficult sides.

3)      If you could be an outfit, what would the ensemble look like?

JANE: If I could be an outfit, I would be a Jane Michael Collection’s white shirt, black skirt with black patent pointy heels ensemble.

4)      What’s your favourite thing to do, outside of work and ‘riding’ of course lol?

JANE: Driving fast cars, you didn’t know that, did you? (smiles & wiggles eyebrows)

5)      Who’s your WCW today and why?

JANE: My mom. She is a two-time survivor of really difficult surgeries, a brain surgery and leg surgery. She is my perfect example of a strong woman who keeps taking life in stride.

If you'd like to find out more about her check HERE

Thanks for reading guys.
Stay inspired!


MCM: Jon Ogah reveals his biggest fear

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!! (weird greeting I know); but I love Mondays a lot and I hope I can make you love them too. Mondays remind me that I can always start afresh, no matter how badly I've messed up, so I look forward to them for a feeling of rebirth. I also love Mondays because I get to share with you guys, young men who are doing amazing stuff in their fields and today isn't any different. 

You may know him from the maiden edition of Glo Naija Sings, or from being a Fake housemate on BBN 2017. Either way, with his looks, voice and persona, he's been winning hearts since 1990 something. *WINKS
Read our chat with him below ;)

Jon Ogah is a singer and songwriter

Hi Jon,
1)     You have Simi and Adekunle Gold on the remake of ‘Uncle Suru’ which comes out soon, why both of them?

When I decided to remake Uncle Suru, I knew I wanted a different perspective on the journey to achieving one's dream. Adekunle Gold was already a fan of the song and so was Simi as well and one of my dreams was to sing with them. Adekunle's urban high life style is out of this world and Simi's voice and writing is mad. They were the perfect choice to interpret the song and I am so glad.

2) Do you always infuse personal experiences into your songs?

I always write from a deep place, the things I have experienced and the things I want to experience play a big role in my writing. Also, I love listening and learning from other people's story. 

3)   If you could delete and repeat any years in your life, which would they be?

Hmmm! I would've have said 2011, leaving the United States to the United Kingdom. However, I believe that all things work together for my good, so all the years I have spent add up to this moment.

4)      What’s your biggest fear in life?
My biggest fear is leaving this world without haven made any impact; Without haven made any valuable connection with humanity; Without standing for something. I want to leave my footprints in the sands.

5)      What fun stuff do you love to do, asides singing?

 I like travelling, writing, watching TV series and hanging out with friends. 

Thank you

There you have it guys. Hope you enjoyed reading?
Stay inspired!

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...