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Video: Koker wants you to "Do Something"

Hey eh! First time i heard of Koker officially was on the hook for "Rich" by MI. Koker has a rich and powerful voice plus a catchy writing style. I played and heard "Do Something" same time- the day the Choc Boys swung by for an interview on my radio show.

Since then i have been addicted, making it the song of the week and playing it at least once a day. The video is finally out just as one or two new songs began fighting for my attention so here goes folks; enjoy. P.s, peep the cameos!

What's Happening Naija Podcast July 31st

Listen to What's Happening Naija Podcast July 31st by TosynBucknor #np on #SoundCloud

#BackToBack Drake's Meek Mill diss

Is that your tour or your girl tour?
Drake just about finished Meek on this one folks.Listen to Back To Back - Drake (Meek Mill Diss) by Cokaine Music #np on #SoundCloud

What's Happening Naija Podcast July 28th

Listen to What's Happening Naija Podcast July 28th by TosynBucknor #np on #SoundCloud

A night spent 'Saving Milli'

So yesterday was fun.
And interesting. And fun. When Milli hollered at me and said he wanted to play tracks off his album, me I was like "yay".
I love first listens and just being able to feel the music away from the radio sometimes. It was a Saturday night and Lagos might have been buzzing with a million events but there was only one place I wanted to be. It was at M's place and the first thing I noticed was the 'trophy cabinet'. M.I has had a massive career hasn't he? 

Then I saw Pizza and I was like yay. Don't get me wrong, I was there for Milli, but a little food never hurt noone.
It was a small listening session with some of your radio favourites.
I'm talking Buki, Schullz, Do2un, Initama, Mannie, SenseiUche, Douglas, and of course, moi. Milli played cuts from his EP "Childish" and we teased him a bit about "Childish" and "Save Milli". Summary? The boy thinks he needs saving... From himself. And he's childish.

Wizkid we know, Drake we know... time to discover Skepta!

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard that Wizkid has a song with Drake! Yes! We are all shades of happy about this because it is a win win for all involved... We get to love Drake even more, Wizkid gets mad props and possibilities home and abroad, and o, we discover someone new- Skepta

 So yes. While the news might be, Wizkid records song with Drake, the song is actually with Drake and Skepta. So dear TBDC readers, who is Skepta? Well here are three things you should know about him!   + Skepta's real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga. Which means, yes, "omo wa ni o".   + He has released at least three body of works independently since 2007...   + He is in ASAp Rocky's short film, alongside fellow UK grime artiste, Novelist


 Check Skepta out on twitter @Skepta (he joined in 2009) and check out

#SPEECHgirl Excerpts of my speech at #Becoming conference

I have just come back from the "Becoming" conference organised by The Beautified Network. The Beautified Network is headed by Funto Ibuoye, an amazing woman committed to bringing out the queen in every woman
Well I am certainly chuffed that they thought me 'becoming' of this conference and I was happy to do it. It was also great to be at an event alongside Bola Balogun and Omoyemi Akerele.

 While I can't give the speech word for word, I do have some points I made below. Let me know what you think.

 1. My journey to becoming I grew up an introvert, and also a typical last born. This meant I read everything, was creative and a bit of a free spirited rebel. These are things that have helped me now in every career path I have chosen. What you need to 'become' is already there in you.

 2. Talents! The parable of the talent teaches me two things. One is whether you have one talent or ten, you must use that which you have. The other is you must do something.…