I am always impressed whenever I see people who pursue several interests/ career paths as opposed to the old hat belief that each person should focus on only one thing. I'm definitely an advocate for pursuing as many passions as possible and convenient for you,   as long as they genuinely make you come alive!
You can tell how happy I am that our Man Crush today is an actor, TV Host, fashion consultant and costume designer with credits in movies such as 'Banana Island Ghost'  His name is Diipo Ayo-Adeusi. Enjoy my interesting chat with him! Oh Happy Monday :)

Hi Diipo!

1) You’re an actor; TV host and a Fashion consultant- did you dream about these careers from an early age or they are careers that just fell into your path?

DIIPO: My career path has been interesting and honestly, planned by God. Fashion was just an innate flare and skill I believe was passed down from my parents. However, these days, it seems to be the front-runner among my various career paths.

Acting, on the other hand, I discovered from an early age and I thought could be a possible career path. I watched a lot of Nollywood movies and loved re-enacting them when I was younger. I also wrote my first amateur script at the age of 13 and my friends and I thought I was definitely made for acting, because as far as we were concerned, if you did anything remotely related to entertainment, you had to be an actor. Thankfully, we were right and I went ahead to get my bachelor’s degree in theater arts from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and it’s been a career path since. TV hosting is derived from my acting and people skills.

2) Tell us about the first big gig you ever got and how it made you feel?

DIIPO:  My first major gig came when I was about 18 years old. I got my very first role in the college’s main stage theater production and it was a big deal because people from all over usually came to see our plays. It was a Shakespeare play titled ‘Othello’ and the director felt that it wouldn’t make sense that Othello would come all that way to a foreign land without bringing an ally along so she made my character up and I didn’t have any lines at all because you can’t improvise Shakespeare. However, the first time I walked on to the stage, after we moved from the rehearsal space, it felt so surreal and of all seven plays I did while I was in school, most people remembered me from that first play.

3) Who is your ultimate style icon?

DIIPO:  There’s a few of them and they change as I evolve in life…Right now, I love the authenticity of Korede Roberts and Future (rapper) and I love the classic style of Harry Hart from Kingsman, the movie (played by Colin Firth)

4) Who is that one person you’d absolutely love to consult for but haven’t done yet?

DIIPO: There’s way too many…My ideal client is one who is open minded with his/her sense of expression and appreciates the value of fashion consultancy…maybe Idris Elba and Blake Lively because they can pull off just about anything.

5) Outside of work, what’s your favorite thing to do?

DIIPO: Sleep, binge watch my favorite shows and enjoy fun, intimate moments with my friends.

6) Tell us something you’re very scared of.

DIIPO: I am deathly scared of heights; specifically in open spaces like roller coaster rides.

7) One thing you’d like to change in the fashion industry

DIIPO: I really do hope that we, in the fashion industry, change our approach to creativity, because it is a service to humanity so we can’t afford to be lazy about creating. Also, I hope stylists and consultants in Nigeria become more responsible and disciplined with their duties. Lastly, I hope designers show more diversity and inclusiveness in their business structure.

8)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

DIIPO: My Mondays pretty much have a regular routine at this point. I am thinking about final edits for my show, ‘The Style Embassy’ and I am also thinking about what I am going to talk about on the radio show I co-host, Ignite GLA on Radio.

You can  reach Diipo here:


Stay Inspired!


I just googled 'Black Hat' and found 3 Looks to always wear a Hat with!

Sometimes when I want to quickly find an answer for something, I do a google search but then I start clicking on all the fun links till it is one hour later and now I have 10 new questions.

Today was no exception and while going from link to link, I stumbled on a post about hats.
I love hats and if I could, I would throw a hat on ANY outfit but I have 3 of my favourite outfits to wear a hat with.

- A dress

Maxi, mini, midi...
It does not matter.
Throwing a hat on when you wear a dress takes you from simple or classic to eclectic.

- Jeans or Pants and anything else

Whether it is a t shirt, a shirt or a tank top and jacket, hats were made for jeans. I never met a pants and hat combo I did not love!
Singer, Fefe.

- Beach or Pool Wear

Throw a hat on when you are at the beach and you will not only look super stylish, but also be safe from the sun!
Now that is fashion I like.

Check out some other outfits to wear your hat with.

Kill your hat combo with this Metrogypsie style inspo!

Your turn.
Tell me what you like to wear your hat with below


#WinWednesday I went to a Primary School today.. Would you go back if you could?

Today i went to visit my niece in her school. It was her birthday and we brought pizza and a cake and it was so interesting being in a school again.

I have been back on the premises of different schools but usually never during actual school sessions so the feeling was a bit surreal.

Kids running around and greeting everyone they walked by on a corridor, and little chairs and tables. Is it not funny that when we were their age, we absolutely thought we were so big?
I was looking at these kids, even those that were close to my height (sigh) and i wanted to whisper to each one of them, "Enjoy it. Don't grow up too fast".

I told my sister as were leaving, "I couldn't go back. You know all these people that ask if you would go back if you could? I wouldn't. At least not here".

If i could go back, I would go back to a few years ago. While time has a way of making everything about the past feel beautiful, the truth is, I can't imagine sitting in class and studying. I cannot imagine going back to always feeling something was wrong and always wondering why i did not seem to fit in.

Back then, i cried alot because i felt shut out of everything. These days, i love my weirdness.

I think the benefit of growing up and getting to 30 is, you start to actually enjoy it. Life, Your own company, Your body... You actually start to like yourself.

If I could go back, I would do 3 things
- Enjoy it a bit more
- Panic a lot less
- Lose more bad habits.

We may not be able to go back, but we can start getting it right now.
Everyday i can enjoy my life a bit more, panic a lot less, and lose bad habits.

What about you?


Hi fellas. It's another amazing Wednesday. Our Woman Crush is  one person I tried to get for a long time and thank God for persistence! They say nothing good comes easy; You can imagine how much harder it is to get one of the best. *winks

Our WCW, Fisayo Longe is an entrepreneur, a  Fashion, Travel and Personal Development blogger. She's the founder of Mirror me and KAI, an affordable women-wear clothing line.
Fun fact: I had hundreds of beautiful photos of her to choose from for this interview. I was too sad that I had to settle for just a few. She's style goals all day every day. Enjoy my brief chat with her!

Hi Fisayo!

1) You’re the founder of KAI and  'Mirrorme', a Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blog, how do you deal with all the peculiar uncertainties/challenges that come with owning a ‘business’ and how has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

FISAYO: It’s been more challenging than I expected but I’m happy that I didn’t realise how challenging it would be because I wouldn’t have done it at the time that I did, if I had known. Mirror Me hasn’t been as challenging as my clothing business KAI to be honest. I deal by being solutions-oriented, keeping my focus on the long-term goal and digging deep to find inner strength when I feel like giving up. 

2) Many people see the glam side of your brand on social media, but tell us what it really takes to consistently deliver relevant content.

FISAYO: You have to constantly brainstorm ideas, keep on top of what is trendy and what is happening in the world generally, put outfits together, have shoot days where you change in toilets of coffee shops and on the streets, write, edit photos- there’s so much! Most of it is unglamorous but I love that the end product looks so glamorous and effortless- that’s the plan!

 3) How do you deal with negativity on social media and what’s your major rule when it comes to using social media (if any)?
FISAYO: I don’t get as much negativity as I would expect and I find it quite easy to ignore it or just shoot back a sarcastic reply to be honest. I have a core group of family and friends that I really trust- I don’t care about many other opinions apart from theirs. Everyone’s got something to say and if I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be where I am today so why start listening now?

4) Please tell us one fun fact about you.
FISAYO: I’m not sure, I find this question really difficult/awkward. Lol. I mean like, fun to who? I don’t know. I’m a strange person- I enjoy writing to myself and I have myself on whatsapp. Is that fun? lol. 

5)  If you could advice someone chasing their dreams out there now,
you'd tell them to:
FISAYO: Learn yourself- find time to really search and learn who you are and make sure that this dream is really yours. Ignore the noise and listen to the voice inside of you. Finally, feel the fear and do it anyway.

6) We had 'the Lawyartist’ on our MCM Segment and he mentioned that he’d love to draw you because you strike the most amazing poses; How does that make you feel and will you be taking him up on that?
FISAYO: I love Tunji! I met him on the internet because he always commented on my photos and supported me. He’s a great positive spirit. Sure, why not, he’s really talented.

7) What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
FISAYO: How the hell am I going to get through all this work before the end of the year?! That’s what’s on my mind. Lol.

Stay inspired!

For more about Fisayo 
instagram : @fisayolonge
Twitter: @fisayolonge


#MondayMotivation But where is the action?

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit." Conrad Hilton.

I remember when i was younger and wanted to be taller.
Somehow, society convinces us that being short is something we should be ashamed of or want to change. Why? Short, Tall, Medium... who cares?

That is not what this post is about though. I was short and an uncle once told me- if you want to get taller, eat more beans, but not just any kind of beans. Eat the beans with weevils.

 So i did. Diligently. I asked for beans and more beans. Did i get taller? Check my Instagram then answer that question yourself. Lol.

 What i do know though is i made an effort.

Imagine if all i did was wake up, eat, think and sleep WISHING i was taller?

We have dreams, dreams of things we want to see come true but the only way to see some kind of reaction, is to actually have action.

Sitting down and really really really wanting it, no matter how cute or sweet, will oftentimes not get us anywhere closer to our wishes.

Getting to a destination requires actually putting one foot in front of the other as we walk, or driving in a car, or flying or... you get my point.


Hi guys, I know it's been a minute but we're back and with a bang!  Of course, I have to apologise to readers who constantly come here for weekly momentum; That break was very much needed but allow me to make it up to you with our Man Crush this Monday. Drumroll please!!!!!

He's an actor, model, TV Host and a sweet soul (yea, that's a job too lol) He's half Kenyan, Half Ghanian so basically you can say I traveled all the way to get him here. Today, we are crushing on the amazing Kwame Bonsu. Enjoy!

Hello Kwame!

1)      You are half Kenyan, half Ghanaian, when and why did you decide to move to Nigeria?

KWAME: The Nigerian Entertainment industry is challenging. I love a challenge. I wanted the experience and growth and I have always dreamed of working with the big Nollywood names. I have been in Nigeria on and off since January 2016.

2)      People see the glam side of those in the media industry, without recognizing the work that goes behind the scenes; tell us a bit about what BTS looks like in your industry?

KWAME: Well a lot of viewers and followers always assume that those of us on screen are 'plastic' robots, if you will. We all go through the same struggles in our careers and personal lives just like everyone else. We just love being on camera so much we end up smiling automatically when we hear 'Action!'

3)      If you could change something in the media industry with a switch, what would it be?

KWAME: Remuneration. Most people believe that once your face is on TV then you're rolling in millions. The truth is, the grind is the same in all the sectors.

4)      Have you had any embarrassing moments while hosting a show/ event? Please tell us about it.

KWAME: Yes, I was interviewing Gemstone Twins on EL Now (Ebony Life TV), and my stylist had decided to dress me up in a blanket of a suit. The show was being shot at around 1:30 PM and I was sweating from head to toe. To date, my colleagues and crew still believe it was due to the guests' beauty.

5)      One thing you want to accomplish in life that you haven’t.

KWAME: I want to find out exactly what Admiral Richard E. Byrd found during his expedition in the South Pole.

6)      Your favourite hangout spots?
KWAME: The Back Yard, Spice, Fahrenheit

7)      Your favourite (international) TV show?
KWAME: 106 & Park

8)      What is on your mind this Monday?
KWAME: Money and good vibes.

You can find out more about Kwame Bonsu here:


Stay inspired.


#ShopTheLook Eclectic by Sasha Dress

I got this dress when i went to the Eclectic by Sasha shop.
It was one of those, go in to get one thing, leave with ten type days...
This dress was like light and i a moth and i had to get it. Since then i have been able to wear it at different times and for different things.

Dress from Eclectic by Sasha

#ShopTheLook Blue playsuit and Blue heels

I remember when i got this playsuit. It was on a Saturday and was one of those, 'I don't know what i am looking for but when i find it i will know" type buys. I had a budget and in the end, it came down to a white play suit and this one. Unfortunately, the smallest size they had the white in was medium.

Odd fact? The two times i wore the playsuit, my hair choices were all wrong.. Ever had that kind of bad hair-outfit day?

Blue Playsuit from Mango store, Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja Lagos.

Blue shoes by Red Kiss from Sekinah Shoe Gallery in Yaba, Lagos.

#TomboyChic The oversized t shirt trend!

Hi guys,
I s.h.a.r.ed this picture of me wearing an oversized t shirt on instagram the other day and i got quite a number of people asking about it.

When you are a short / small person like i am, getting a tshirt as a gift is always a gamble as most people send large or at best, medium. A medium tee for me is almost a dress so instead of fighting it, when i get a tee i like like the one pictured above, i just wear it.

You can get away with the oversized top look if you follow the where and how.

WHERE: This is obviously not the look for class or an important meeting. It is a look that can be casual or trendy. With the dashiki, i wore that outfit for Day 2 of a Youtube training.

HOW: You can wear the trend either on its' own with a belt, or pair with shorts. Flat shoes complete the look for me but if i wear to wear the dashiki at night, i would go all the way and rock some heels instead. 


#FashionFriday 4 ways to Style it like a Soul Chic

Okay let’s be honest, it’s not easy being a soul chic here because we do more classic styles and everyone is afraid of breaking out of the norm.
But, if you find yourself drawn to a certain style, here’s a guide on how.

Earthy Colours
Soul sisters know that browns, leaf green, leaf yellow and other shades of earthy colours transform you immediately.
If you want to try the soul chic look, start with some earthy colours.

Skirts must flare
What is it with soul and skirts? Skirts are great for loads of looks including gypsy, corporate and even edgy but on a soul sister, a flared skirt makes you look instantly stylish.

When it comes to accessorising like a soul chic, more is more.
One bangle is never enough. Pile it on. One neck piece? Who are you? A minimalist?
Soul is about the layers, especially when it comes to accessories so go crazy.

Don’t neglect your hair
From headwraps to bows and buns, the soul chic’s style mantra is “I must, I must, I must not forget my hair”.

I hope these four tips help you.
Where all else fails, ask yourself, would Aramide, asa or India Arie wear this? Lol


#OAP101 4 ways to have a kickass interview!

Hi everyone,

I hope you have been enjoying the OAP 101 podcasts?
This week's podcast touched on interviews and I s.h.a.r.e tips based on my personal experience on how to have kickass interviews!

The tips are

- Research
Do a quick research by searching for their name and visiting their official website or social media handles.

- Prep
Prep your guest to put them at ease.

- Be Creative and Fresh
People get tired of listening to or answering the same question over and over. Look for creative ways to ask yours!

- Interaction and Inclusion.
Let the audience be a part of the process by letting them engage with your guest.

Listen to the podcast for a break down of each one as well as examples i give.


#MondayMotivation Maybe what matters is what you say about yourself, not what they say about you.

I do not know why but this sentence, 'Just because they play the music does not mean you have to dance to it' keeps presenting itself to me.
Or maybe i do know why.

It is easy to get caught up sometimes in what has been said or will be said about you. If i do abc, they will say xyz, or, they say i am uvw... It is a lot of ' they said ' and 'they will say' which my friends, can be crippling for you.

It is possible that some of the things people say about us are, maybe slightly exaggerated but true all the same. They may be right that you are lazy or a quitter, not the funniest nor the most put together. It does not however make it all true, nor less deserving of success.

People may question you, laugh at you or brand you a failure but the truth is, until you yourself say these things, then you are not losing.

While taking advice and striving for perfection is a good thing, do not let what people say become true by giving it life yourself.

Once again remember, maybe what matters is not what people say about you, but what you say about yourself. What are you saying?


We all have that one hair style...

We all have that one hair style that we fall back to because it is reliable. It is the style that is both easy to style and yet, is so flattering for our face that we go from 'everyday' beauty to va va voom in a blink!

For me, the style is a bun and its' variations.

When i have my hair in a bun, it is quite flattering for my face. I also like it because with some styles, i always have to remember to only take pictures from one angle but with the bun, i can do straight, left or right angles and not worry.

Recently, Modupe of Mogizzie did this up do for me and i loved it so much that i had to take a thousand pictures!


I met NBA legend, Jerome Williams, and i did not even take a selfie!!!

On Friday, i put on my work heels and went for the reception with NBA legend, Jerome Williams.
Basketball fans will know 'Junkyard Dog' very well. He played for the New York Knicks among other great teams, and was a fan favourite.

Can you imagine me standing beside Jerome?
The reception was by Africa’s largest and first truly pan-African free-to-air TV channel, Kwesé Free Sports Hard Rock Café in Lagos. I hung out with Lamide Akintobi, Lynxxx, Sound Sultan, Olumide Oyedeji (remind me to show you the picture i once took with him at the radio station), Ugo Udezue (former NBA player and now NBA agent), Vimbai and Joselyn Dumas.

Since i had my work heels on, i was trying hard to get a lot of content, and then i completely forgot to take any personal ones. No scrap that. I did take one with Vimbai and Joselyn, but then the light was in our eyes so go figure. 

See how bad lighting put some reggae in my blues picture

As for Jerome Williams, when i went to chat with him, he stood up. Mehn, i had to go, "You are so tall, please could we sit down instead?" 

He did some cool shout outs for Kwesefied though, and i also got everyone from Jimmie (the host), to Colin Udoh (i forced him) and Joselyn to do some as well so you should check them out via our Instagram

Meanwhile, if you follow Sound Sultan, you will know he loooooves his basketball so this is like dope news all around- Sound Sultan will host a new show called 'NBA Sundays' every Sunday starting in November, live from Hard Rock Cafe, Lagos.

Sound Sultan, Vimbai and Colin Udoh

NBA fans can also catch four NBA games every Sunday. Kwese Free Sport broadcasts on terrestrial television on UHF 32 in Lagos. It is also available on Kwese TV decoder channel 285 and FreeTV channel 732 in Abuja and Jos.
Read the story on the Kwesefied site


#Beauty When it comes to Personal .v. MUA beat, the difference is clear

Yesterday i had an event in the evening but my booked make up artiste thought i was booking her for Saturday which meant by the time i called to find out where she was, she was nowhere close and i was basically stranded.
My options were, Scream and hide, Try to book someone else and miss the event or Try to do some kind of fake 'beat' and still show up.
To be honest, between Lamide Akintobi and Mr A, number 1 was out. It was down to 3.

Now i have some make up products and girl was born cute so i can do the basics but everyone knows when you go for an upscale event, the beat has to be more than the everyday look.
Between never being able to get my eyebrows right (one always looks like i fought with a puppy and the puppy won), not having all the products and brushes they have (i really am a basic powder and foundation type of girl), and not being able to see a thing when i take my glasses off, i have given up on learning to beat my face like a pro.

This is me 'beating' my face. I hate it. lol

Nevertheless i began.
First, the primer.
Then some foundation.
Eyebrows. And yes, one was nice and big while the other was pathetic and looked like it was on a diet.
More foundation because my skin swallows everything and it always looks like i didn't put any one.
And i was done.

Now Lamide and Mr A swore it was great but they love me so can we really trust them? Uhn? Uhn??


I love professional 'beats'.


#TomboyChic The baggy top trend

Hi guys,
I s.h.a.r.ed a picture of me wearing an oversized t shirt on Instagram the other day and i got quite a number of people asking about it.

When you are a short / small person like i am, getting a tshirt as a gift is always a gamble as most people send large or at best, medium. A medium tee for me is almost a dress so instead of fighting it, when i get a tee i like like the one pictured above, i just wear it.

You can get away with the oversized top look if you follow the where and how.

WHERE: This is obviously not the look for class or an important meeting. It is a look that can be casual or trendy. For example, i rocked this dashiki to Day 2 of a YouTube training.

HOW: You can wear the top on its own with a belt, or pair with shorts. 

Instagram: @jeamyblessed

Flat shoes complete the look for me but if want to go all out, i ditch flats and rock some heels!


#Unbroken2017 Tackling Love and Marriage questions with HICC at Harvesters Single & Married Conference | Sept. 26th- Oct. 1st

My friend hollered at me concerning this Harvesters' Singles Summit and we spoke about how her mum had once told her to marry the man who loves her more than the man she loves. Trust, i had a million questions like,
- How do you know who loves who more in a relationship?
- Can you really marry someone you are not crazy about?

We spoke for a bit then i of course took it to social media to get some more perspective. The answers were interesting. One person said you know who loves whom more based on action; i.e, the person that SHOWS it more. But another commented that that would not work in her situation for example because she is naturally withdrawn so you may think she doesn't feel certain things but she does.

The argument is still going on so you can join on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, what started the WHOLE convo was this event.

Date: Tuesday, September 26th- Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

Time: 6 pmVenue: Church Hall, Harvesters International Christian Center. (Gbagada and Lekki).

The Harvesters International Christian Center (Gbagada and Lekki) will be leading hard/soft conversations about taboo & mainstream topics in marriage, single life and the occasional #YorubaDemons; and you are invited to lend your voice to the conversations. The planned breakout sessions have been designed to be as no holds barred and engaging as possible.

This conference is for anyone who is married, single, divorced , dating or somewhere in-between. Be sure to register and to invite a couple of friends along!

The speakers include Taiwo Odukoya, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Femi Oduwole and more!

You can register here


#OAP101 Define Your Brand! Here is how, and why!

We hear that word, 'brand' and the other phrase, 'branding yourself' a lot. Is it important? Of course. It is like asking if one should bother working or advertising. If you want to be successful and taken seriously in the media space, brand and branding are things you must be concerned about.

How then do you brand yourself? One of the first things you must do, is define your brand.

One of the first things i like to advise people to do is, when people think of you, what are the top 3 words you want them to associate you with?
For me for example, i like to think that when people think of me, they think of fun, they think of unique and they think intellectual. That is the first exercise. Much as when you think of a Brandy or a Sean Tizzle or a Bonang Matheba, ask yourself what must come to people's minds when they think of you.

This step correlates with the next one which is the 'Why'.
What do you want and why?

Say for example, what you want is to be the most popular media personality in the world. That is a start. You may want, like say an Oprah or an Ellen, to change the world one show at a time. The important thing is to define the what you wants and for you, the 'whys'. Why do you want these things?
My friend told me once that she was encouraged to pursue her line of work because when she was growing up, she saw a lady on tv that looked like her so she felt if that lady could do it, then so could she! When i heard that, i decided i was able to better define my own goals. I realised i wanted to be successful so that some girl could look at me and be encouraged. And i was determined to do it my way- natural hair, melanin popping, tomboy chic and all.

Now that i have shared mine, think about, and share yours with me below.

The final tip i have for you is listing what i like to call 'usps', i.e, Unique Selling Points.
Out of ALL the people in the media, why YOU?

Finding what makes you different will help you not just for yourself, but also for brands to work with you.

All these tips and things i have mentioned require honesty. Can you now honestly take some time out to answer this and then define your brand?
You can s.h.a.r.e with me or send questions privately via my email or a dm.

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...