#EventWednesday Coloured Myself Rad last weekend!

Last weekend i ran.

Okay i lie.
I jogged a little, walked a lot and danced a bit.

But it was all fun and it felt goooood!

It was for the first ever #ColourMeRad5k in Lagos, Nigeria and it kicked off from Bar Beach at 4pm on Sunday January 31st with Freedom Park as the destination.

The turn out was impressive and everyone looked colourful- painted nails, running gear and all.

Colour me Rad is a 5kilometre race and is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colours. As such, participants are sprayed with colour at the start, at the final stop and various points in between.

I was ready for all the colours and by the time i got to Freedom Park (last but for a few kids and their parents behind me), i was more colourful than the rainbow.

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