#OAP101 Branding yourself as a media personality; Part 1

Hi all
I am back with the OAP 101 podcasts and here is this week's podcast.


To summarise,
I spoke about branding yourself and why you need to, plus three things to remember.

- Be yourself
As an individual, you have a combination of nature and nurture that makes you different. This is what draws us to you.

- Decide what you want
When your name is mentioned, what do you want people to see? Much as if i were to mention Beyonce, Kaylah, even Gala (lol). What comes to your mind when these names are mentioned? In the same way you have a clear audio-visual identity for these names, you want the same for yourself.
A little exercise- write down the top 5 words you want people to think of when they hear your name.

- Consistently communicate this identity
Now that you have your five words, it is time to communicate this to us. From your show, to your social media, to your presence, etc, let us see who you are.

EXERCISE: Can you think of three people and what you associate them with? Tell us below. Thanks.

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