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Happy monday. Our MCM is someone I respect and whose work i greatly admire. He spit some major truths in this interview that legit made me woke. You'll get what I'm saying as you continue.
(PS: This isn't me trying to be gangster or something lol) Enjoy my chat with filmmaker, Theophilus King,

  1) You’re the founder of Lost Dreams AFRICA, how has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

THEO: Lost Dreams Africa, It's been so crazy and we've not even started yet. Being an entrepreneur is dangerous & risky but somebody 'gotta do it. The good thing is you get to skip many levels and make your own rules so it's all you & God walking hand in hand, It's been so great, wouldn't do it any other way.

2)      What’s the best and worst feedback you’ve ever received from your works and how did they make you feel?
THEO:  Best feedback: when friends call me when my content is on TV and we scream together, no better feeling
Worst feedback: my communication sucks, need to fix that

{Oh yea, it took almost a month to get this interview done ;( }
3)      Tell us one thing you have in mind before directing any video?
The Viewer. Always the viewer not even the Artist, i just wanna give the viewer such a good time. It’s like planning for a guest coming over & from the type of content or music you can measure the kind of guests.

4)      What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in?
I feel like every embarrassing situation is a time to Shine, so I barely feel embarrassed from situations I put myself in & if I do, I correct it immediately.

5)      What do you love most about film making?
Storytelling, Telling my story. Film making & Art in general. It frees me to create something out of nothing, or a lot of somethings..  It’s a gift. Love it

6)       Tell us one thing you really want to do, but haven’t done yet?
I wanna make a feature film, a movie, a Love story that can make everybody cry. Love is my genre

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