It's a super chilled Monday. I know we all wish we could be in bed but *sigh. Hope everyone is doing okay? I'm excited about our man crush today because he's someone I know personally. It's great to see friends doing great things, isn't it? 
Our MCM today is a young, talented songwriter and alternative R&B/Soul singer . He's a contestant on the Voice Nigeria 2017. Do I need to say more? It's CHRIS RIO.
Enjoy my interesting chat with him!

Hi Chris!
1. You have a such an amazing voice, if you could do a duet with any singer in the world, who would it be?
Thank you. I would love to make music with Emeli Sande. I've connected with her since I heard "Breaking The Law". She's a phenomenal artist. That's goals right there.

2. Do you have any pre STAGE rituals to calm your nerves?
Before I get on stage, I talk to myself. I usually pray and then start talking to myself, with all the motivational quotes in the book haha. It's tough because you can't not feel those nerves, and every stage is different so I try to make them work in my favour. Self talk helps a lot - "You got this Chris, you're a star, you're the man, go get 'em". Works for me.

3. You also do spoken word poetry, what inspires you to write?
Spoken word for me is like a release type of thing. I think every person has one of those, something you vent into. Whenever I'm pent up with an emotion or a feeling or an idea, something that I feel very strongly about, it usually comes out in form of spoken word poetry. Consequently I don't write a lot of pieces, but I try to do good with the few I write. "I Am Me" is two years old and it's on top my list right now.

4. You’re a contestant on the voice, how EXACTLY did it feel when Yemi Alade turned for you?
I'm not sure I have words for that feeling. After singing for the first minute plus and getting no turns, I thought it was over. So when I saw her chair rotating, it was the biggest relief I've ever felt in my life. There are few things as nerve wracking as a blind audition, so you understand why I knelt afterwards. God bless her for real mehn! Bless the day she was born. Thank God for my Mama, Yemi Alade.

5. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from anyone?
Best gift I've received. A friend of mine once got me a box filled with these short notes expressing love and gratitude to me on my birthday. It was the sweetest thing.

6. If you were a song, you’d be…?
 I literally have no idea. There are many sides to me, I doubt there's any one all encompassing song. I've searched my heart for an answer and I can't find one, maybe I need to expand my music library :(

7. Tell us three things you're grateful for this Monday.

 I'm grateful to God for the immense gift of life. I'm grateful for family and for the beautiful people that surround me and support me everyday. I'm also grateful for this interview, it's a beautiful way to start my week so thank you.

Awww! Thank you too. That's all for this week.
Stay inspired!

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