#TravelThursday Surviving Long Trips

Long trips are the worst! You just want to get to your village, your honeymoon destination, your friend's birthday getaway or camp site but first you have to sit for hours.

I remember long trips to my granny's house in Ijebu when I was in school, and being with my sister and cousins made it bearable. I've also learnt some tricks for long flights and thanks to my cousin, long journeys via sea as well.

Check out some below!


Dress Comfortably
Avoid tight clothing, heels and other things that might seem like a good idea when you leave home but will leave you slightly ill and very uncomfortable hours later.
My go to is usually a pair of jeans and a top, with a jacket incase it gets cold, and usually flats and socks.
If you are flying, you don't want shoes that you need to lace up, relace, then spend minutes wearing again as you go through scanners!

Watch what you eat and drink
It is advisable to have some water so as to be hydrated but watch what you eat and drink so you are not nauseous during the trip, and so your bathroom breaks are cut to a minimum.
Imagine a long bumpy bus ride?

Check the car
For road trips, please do check all the things you need. Tyre pressure, fuel in the tank, engine oil level etc. Also ensure you have proper documentation for all the stops along the way. This is not the time to ride with someone who does not have a license.


Get your Entertainment on!
Long trips are a great excuse for catching up on movies you've bheen wanting to see, music you have been wanting to listen to and all those novels you have not had time for.
And hey, if it is really long, get adventurous and see a movie you would usually never go to the cinema for or listen to a random album.

Get Creative!
Budding writer? Write. Artist? Draw? Songwriter? You know what to do.
Long trips are the perfect opportunities for discovering your creative side and letting it shine.

Take Breaks
If you are on a road trip, stop once in a while to just relax a little, especially for the driver.
On a plane, ensure you walk up and down the cabin once in a while as it is recommended by doctors. Do the same for sea travels as well.

Stay Fresh
I know a lot of us worry about staying clean during long flights and trips.
One thing to do is pack small siye versions of hygiene products like your toothbrush and paste, roll on or some kind of eau de toilette, baby wipes etc.
That way, you can freshen up during the trip and once you get to your destination.

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